Double vision

Has anyone any experience of this? I developed it Friday, waited to see if it would go away, it didn’t, so I rang the optician who told me to go to A&E! I did and there were no signs of anything immediately wrong so they’ve referred me to the eye clinic who’ve called me and said they’ll get me in ASAP for some tests but they suspect it’s MS related.

has anyone else had it? I’m finding it really hard to cope with, and scary, did it go away?
thanks in advance

Double vision was not my first MS symptom, but it was the one that secured my dx. Scary indeed, but mine did resolve completely and I hope that yours does too. You are doing the right thing, getting your eyes checked out thoroughly. Some things that go the matter with vision ae nothing to do with MS and need urgent attention, so it is always best to seek medical advice in good time.


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I’ve dealt with it several times, and it always goes away. The first time was intermittent over a period of weeks. I saw the ophthalmologist, and he verified that there was nothing wrong with my eyes or my glasses.

The next time it happened was about 12 years later. That time, it was very intense and lasted about 48 hours. I couldn’t read, watch TV, and had a lot of trouble walking. That’s been more than a year ago.

Since then, I’ve had a few episodes that only last seconds and occur every couple months. I do get periods of blurred vision, none of which last long, and they don’t really interfere with anything. They’re just annoying.

I had double vision about 22 years ago, before i was diagnosed. At the time it was put down to inflamation of the optic nerve, but since was thought to be one of my fist symptom.

when i had it, it would come and go, only lasting a few moments but this went on for 6-8months, then went away and so far never seen again.

Don’t worry too much as this may make it worse and you are doing the right thing by checking it out

I’ve had it too but it turned out to be linked to high cholesterol. I now take statins every night. It lasted 2-3 months until the statins did their job.

I have had it a few times but it only lasted about 6 weeks i think.I wore an eye patch that helped me quite a lot it stopped me seeing double while i had it on.If you wear glasses you can have a prism put in one lens to help it see an optician about one.

Thank you all! it’s very reassuring to hear others have had it and it’s gone away! I was diagnosed cos of optic neuritis about 15 years ago now, I’ve also had uveitis since then, but never this before. I remember being scared that the optic neuritis wouldn’t go away but it did - and it seems from hearing others stories that this is likely to be the same!

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Thanks everyone, I’ve been to the eye clinic appointment today and they’ve fitted a prism to help me see until it goes away - I was told it should go in about 6 weeks abd if it doesn’t there are other options! I feel so much better now I can see!!!