Temporary vision disturbance

Just wanted to ask your opinion about something. I have been having another episode of whatever this is. I have been getting lots of new sensory symptoms, fatigue far worse than usual and vertigo that I have never had before. Anyway today the vision in my right eye went really funny for about an hour. It was blurry right across the middle if my vision and right down the right side also. It is better now but did scare the life out of me. Do you think this is linked to the vertigo or something else? I have googled it and one if the things that comes up is optic neuritis but it says it last a lot longer and it hurts which mine didn’t. My husband wants me to go to my doc but I know I will be told the same as usual, that we have to wait for the tests. Thanks in advance, any opinions would be great x

Blurred vision can be due to a few different things, mostly not detectable by a GP. I do find that mine goes sometimes, but only for brief spells and normally when my fatigue is bad or I’m very hot. It’s never developed into anything serious and it’s been happening for about 10 years. Actually, just remembered, it first happened when I was 21, 12 years before my diagnosis, so that’s 25 years ago!!!

If I were you, I’d tell the neuro when I saw him/her, but wait and see if it comes back before going to the GP. But that’s just me. If you are worried then you should see someone if only to put your mind at rest (or your husband’s!). Plus there is a chance that it’s the early sign of something that should/could be dealt with so better to catch it early.

Karen x