Eyes again!

Sorry guys! Another eye question…

I had blurring and pain in my right eye in August. I went to the optician who did a thorough check and said that these symptoms were not optical so must be neurological. It also became apparent while I was there that I couldn’t keep my eyes in focus for more than a second or two before they drifted out of focus and I saw a ‘shadow’ of what I was looking at.

Since then, my right eye did improve, but is still blurry at times, and the inability to keep things in focus is still as bad, if not worse.

I have also started seeing things that aren’t there in my periphary vision, mostly moving things (like something crawling across the floor!).

Now, I have noticed that I keep getting a small ‘blind’ spot in my right eye on and off (always in the same place), just for a second or two and then it just disappears. Also, when I close my eyes, I sometimes get a bright light the same size and in the same place.

My question is, should I go back to the optician and tell him about this ‘blind’ spot, although it is only happening about 10 times a day and only for a quick flash, or should I just wait until I see the Neuro in January?

Any advice would be appreciated.

I’d probably go back. Like you I had pain to my eye in August no real cause found and told neurological then 6weeks later the pain came back with blurring to that eye again no “structural” cause found but they said make sure I kept mri and neuro appt and they’d review me again Nov. Oddly enough I haven’t seen anyone about my numb toe but if it’s my eyes I’d rather get checked Axx

Hello purpledot. I’ve not experienced the things you’ve described although I do get blurred/double vision and painful eyes. In answer to your question, yes If I was you then I would be going back to the opticians. Also what about speaking to you gp about this problem? Have you been diagnosed?..just thinking if you could speak to ms nurse. Good luck x

Thanks for your replies, guys! No, Blossom, I’m not dx. Would rather go back to optician than GP as GP was horrible to me last time I saw him and he’ll just tell me to wait and see what the Neuro says and make me feel like I’m wasting his time. Arwen…I think eye symptoms are more scary than some others, so can totally understand why you would get them checked out more readily than something else. I’m sending this from my mobile, and have noticed that I’m seeing a faint half-image of everything…and that’s with my glasses on! On a good note, I haven’t noticed the ‘blind’ spot yet today!

I’d go back to the optician and hope (push gently) for a referral to an ophthalmologist. To me, a complete non-expert, It seems you may have optic neuritis (ON) your optician more or less said it, “these symptoms were not optical so must be neurological”. Eye pain and a blind spot are what had me diagnosed with ON and later the CIS leading to MS.

A GP can refer you to an ophthalmologist but so can an optician, I’ve read. If you are more comfortable with the optician then that’s who I would see.

An ophthalmologist is an eye/vision expert that neuros accept the medical opinions of, if fully documented.

Demylination often repairs, at least partly, hence the remission in RRMS and ON very often at least partly recovers. (E.G. Mine.)

If it is ON there is probably nothing to be done. Steroids speed recovery but do not help in the long run and have side effects.

I’d like to know about eye/vision problems sooner rather than later. I wouldn’t know if it was urgent.

It’s also something to try to get checked while waiting for the neuro.

I’ve been having the shadow figures in the corner of my eyes for a while. Always pinned it down to working on computers… I agree with Vithfari. Good luck! xx

Ok, so haven’t had the specific blind spot since posting on here (typical!), but am getting huge ‘floaters’ in that eye (dark ones and bright lights), and the odd pin prick flashes of bright light.


I have had a very similar experience to you. Back in early 2004 I had an enormous blind spot in my right eye my optitian referred me to optimology for further investigation. this problem cleared and no diagnosis was given. Later that year in October I woke one morning with numb toes. This progressed over months until I was completely wheelie bound and numb to chest level. I had been referred to orthapedics so for 8months my TM diagnosis was missed. I received my diagnosis and treatment at Easter 2005. In January of this year I had another blind spot in right eye. Again I was sent to optimology and they discovered permanent nerve damage to the optic nerve. I was then sent for blood test to look for aquaporim 4 antibody associated with devic’s disease. Thankfully I was clear of that, they also checked for vit D &B12. Also ok. An MRI was conducted and I will receive my results early Nov. My nuerologist has referred me to an MS nurse for support as this latest visual issue is being regarded as a 3rd relapse and may carry an MS diagnosis. Uncertain times…