Eye Pain-again

Well the beginning of August I got eye pain to my rt eye worse on movement ir to touch blurring on occasion saw optician and basically found glasses px had changed in a way it shouldn’t so that was likely cause of pain but eye change neuro so see them. Pain cleared within 2-3weeks but I now see double permanently without my glasses. Got spine and head mri in 2 weeks and past 2 days the same pain to rt eye has started again with blurring to that eye which isn’t all the time but quite a lot, keep taking my glasses off to check they’re not smeared. Can’t decide whether to go get seen again or if its pointless Axx.

You may as well go again, just in case something useful comes out of it. I get brief pains in my right eye and a droopy eyelid sometimes, which could be migraine. Also the odd feeling that that eye has sunk back into my head a bit. Usually my vision is fine, just a bit of a wobble, can’t stare at one spot without feeling I’m constantly correcting. Does anyone else get any of that?

arwen - sorry you’re having problems again. I suppose, as Reiki says, there’s no harm in getting them checked again.

Yes, Reiki, I get the same kind of thing…intermittent blurring, pain etc, and the constant inability to focus on anything without it drifting out of focus. When this happens, I see a ‘shadow’ of the image on which I am attempting to focus. I feel as if I spend my whole time trying to re-focus!

arwen - my glasses have never been cleaner than they are at the moment, as I am constantly wiping them, thinking the blurring is a smudge on the lens! I’m also constantly wiping my eye, as it feels as if I am looking through liquid some of the time…weird!!

Think I probably will pop in just feel like a drama queen going again they must be sick of me there lol. A

Arwen, it doesn’t matter a jot what others think of you, it only matters what you think of yourself. You are helping yourself by getting your eyes checked. Purpledot - I didn’t make myself clear. I don’t have a big problem with focussing, more that my eyes physically don’t stay pointing in the right direction! But its quite subtle mostly, only occasionally they’ll jump from side to side like a spasm. I wonder if this is nystigmus?

As said above. It doesn’t matter what they think. They are there to help and if you’re worried then it needs to be checked out xx

Reiki - that sounds really horrible. I do get ‘jerky’ vision occasionally, and have recently started seeing things moving in my peripherary that aren’t there…really freaky!

Arwen - I totally agree…if you’re worried, get it checked out! Good luck! xx

Thanks Sharon. My eye was watering yesterday at one point it hurt so much. Like a bruised feeling behind eye and moving it but got a couple of pains like a needle being stuck in my eye just to add to the joy. Axx

Arwen, I do hope you can get that seen to soon. I’ve only had very brief and fleeting pains. All the best xxx

I will second the others. I really do think you need to get it checked out. I can’t remember, but have you had ON before?

Also, getting the clean glasses. I have those too. lol. I am sick of rubbing my eye to ‘clear’ it.

A x

Nope last time they didn’t say on just that glasses px had really changed and that could be the cause of pain but that was still neuro cause for that although back of eye etc looked ok. Will get it checked tomorrow as still hurting A

Went and got them looked at explained under neuro and after a look she asked if I was being investigated for ms but then after a bit said she could see nothing structurally wrong with my eyes but to keep mri appt (obviously would) and she would write to my doc about visit and review me end of of October. So no idea why I have the pain so hopefully it settles like last time Axx

Didn’t you get any suggestions for relieving the pain? I’ve only been to an opticians twice in my adult life and been given the all clear both times so I’m not really sure what to expect or what to say on Tues, though I will mention my referral to a neuro, thanks for mentioning that Arwen.