blurred vision

Hi just wondering if anyone has been in this situation, went to eye unit today due to lots of episodes of blurred vision, had every test going and still no answers was told Im a medical mystery. Have been informe I now haft to wait to see what the mri outcome is, getting frustrated now :frowning: thanks for listening x

it could be ocular migrains,ive been having the same problems,i cant accept its migraines as ive never had them before but thats what the doctor says

even if it is migraines,whats causing them,something wrong somewhere

Thanks for reply, I was informed that they are not migraines (by eye specialist) as the symptoms don’t fit they don’t know what it is, everyone is baffled, me included, fingers crossed the mri will give us more guidance and get to the bottom of my symptoms. Hope you get some answers too.

I really hope you get some answers once you have had your MRI.

I have had intermittent blurred vision, eye pain and involuntary eye movements, but 2 opticians have said my eyes are fine!

It is sooo frustrating, isn’t it?

Hang in there xx

Thanks for reply, I’m getting scared now as it’s happening so often and I have 3 children to look after which is becoming hard work :-(, mri in 2 weeks so fingers crossed it shows something if not I must be going crazy with all these symptoms going on. Xx

I suffered for double vision for about a month back in July 2012 and then again August 2013, was an absolute nightmare! I kept going to the opticians and then getting referred to hospital for MRI and to see specialists for more tests but each time they found nothing wrong with my eyes. 20/20 vision, other than it was double. They were a little bit dismissive towards the end, thinking I was just attention seeking but I then diagnosed in November 2013 with MS and told that was the cause of my double vision & it should have been picked up sooner



Thanks Alice for the reply, least I know I’m not the only one that has blurred vision with no obvious reason. I have my mri scan next Monday then neuro in September. But hoping if they do spot something I may get in earlier hears hoping??? The blurred vision has been gone for a week but still having minor sensory symptoms, fingers crossed it stays that way. Hope your well Mandi x

Well the hot weather has returned and so has the blurred vision :frowning: looks like I will be staying in till it cools down.

Hi Mandi!

Hope your blurred vision is still doing better. I have had eye problems followed by muscle weakness for 3 weeks now with no diagnosis. I just had an orbital MRI today. I can’t wait for the results. So far, optic neuritis has not been seen but it feels like I have the symptoms of it. Hope your blurred vision is staying away. I’m hoping I’m not far behind! Support is great!!