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I am struggling to know whats wrong with me. My vision is blurred after I saw the optician thinking I needed new glasses I was sent for an emergency appointment with eye doctor who sent me home saying migraine you will be able to see tomorow, week later still not being able to see went back for follow up eye appointment, he redid tests which gave same results as week before sent me over to a and e saying possible stroke, did ct scan found nothing sent me home. 2 weeks later stroke consultant phoned me and said I shouln’t have been discharged (I h adn’t even been admitted let alone discharged) he said was a stroke. Saw neurologist who basically said no muscle weakness so if the stroke Dr. says stroke it must be a stroke (although I don’t remember having anything resembeling a stroke). My vision has not improved and I am getting what I can only describe as muscle spasms down my left side, my leg, arm and face cramp up. It is very painful but fortunately only lasts a few minutes, but keeps happening at least 20 times a day, been going on about a week. The vision problems have been bad for 5 weeks but were getting gradually worse before that. I have an MRI booked for the 3rd Jan by stroke Dr but neurologist said he will also look at it. Does this sound like MS to anyone I feel very lost and alone and it is very frightenening when you can’t see and you don’t know what’s hapening.

Hello blue shark

This must be a very worrying time for you. There does seem to have been a break down in communication amongst the medical profession. Its good that your having a MRI scan next week…not long to wait. Hopefully that will make things a bit clearer regarding your present condition.

Have you been getting any support from your gp blue shark?

There is a helpline you can ring on this website if you feel you’d like to talk to someone.

I’m afraid I can’t say if its ms or if its a stroke…its a case of having the tests.

All the best to you, I hope everything turns out well for you.


Sending you my support hun. I`ve not had any vision problems, but imagine they must be totally terrifying.

I do hope the mri brings results that can bring successful treatment.

luv Pollx


Its horrible being in limbo land. been in that myself for a year. Hope you find out whats going on. fingers crossed for you.

Take Care.


Thanks for your messages of support they made me feel a bit better, sorry I didn’t get back sooner, my email was playing up and I couldn’t find my password to sign in the forum.

Update. I have now had an MRI brain scan, the results show ‘not a stroke’ but show ‘inflammation’ neurologist wants me to have lumbar puncture and VEP test. My vision has not improved and the muscle spasms are as bad as ever.