Blurry eyes


I am new here, (although was a member 6-8 years ago, no longer have that email address so had to make a new profile) I have had (many) symptoms for over 8 years, still no diagnosis! Very frustrating.

Just wondering, is there any other reason, other than optic neuritis, than can cause blurry eyes? I get them very often, (periodically, can last a few hours at a time) but optician says my eyes are fine, there is no swelling in the optic nerve and no reason for my eyes to be blurry. So I am guessing the only other reason must be to with my brain?

Any ideas?

Thank you

Visual migraine (can be painless) or tired eyes,etc., can cause blurred vision.

I wonder how you know there is no swelling in the optic nerve? Have you had an MRI specifically to check? Only if the optic nerve is swollen at the retina can it be seen. Does the blurred vision occur when you’re hot? That could be Uhthoff’s phenomenon and would indicate damaged nerves (possibly neuritis). Could that explain the burry vision periods?

Double vision and abnormal eye movements (Nystagmus) can also cause burred vision. Problems with the nerves controlling eye movement.

Have you had blurred vision at the opticians so that he/she could investigate? An ophthalmolgist would be the best bet but an optician or GP would have to refer you.

Best wishes.