Intermittent Blurry eyes


Is it normal to get blurred vision that comes and goes? I was really blurred tues-friday and then it improved over the weekend only to return this morning? I am guessing it maybe isn’t optic neuritis? or is it?


I get this too, and have on and off through last year too, its frightening at times, but I have not had ON and it is unexplained. Not sure if this helps, but you are not on your own.

I’m getting this on and off at the moment, too. I get intermittent blurring in one part of one eye, and then general blurring and an inability to keep anything in focus in both eyes. Am not dx, and have first Neuro appt this week. Optician has confirmed it is not being caused by my eyes and has told me to definitely mention it to the Neuro.

It might be worth having an eye test to rule out any eye problems, and then mentioning it to your GP if it turns out not to be eye-related.

Good luck.