Double vision and blurred vision

Hi all, I woke up yesterday with double vision, everytime I got up my balance was alot more off than usual. I called the gp surgery and the gp called me back immediately. She sent me to A n E, they told me it’s an onset of another migraine. I suffer with migraines and it did not feel like it was one. I came home and took my triptan nasal spray. I woke up and still have double vision with no migraine. I’m not diagnosed and have numerous neurological symptoms. Feeling a bit anxious and scared. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. Lina


I know some migraines have different symptoms I get oras then the I get the pain. I do have double vision all the time have done for about 16 months, it’s controlled by a prism. I went to the eye hospital on Tuesday and it is slightly worse they are going to give me another appointment in about 12 weeks to see if it is any better.

My balance is ok but I think it is because of the prism. Have you seen the neurologist yet, along with a blood test, lumber puncture with a MRI. Or are you at the very beginning of it all, as it’s no fun being in limboland.

My neurologist said that my white matter changes could be from migraines, as I have only got a little one and as he hasn’t booked another MRI or blood test until next year, (I have been given my appointment for the neurologist in April next)

I hope thing go well.


Hi Kay, I have been seeing neurology since 2008, I have had many mri scans showing white matter hypertensities and lesions with signal changes( I have not had one for 3 tears). I have never had a lumber puncture.I have had episodes for 11 year plus and still don’t have a proper diagnoses, it’s all suspected MS. My mother and sister have MS. My migraines come on suddenly,the longest one lasted 2 weeks. I’M just fed up. Lina

Hi Linamum4

I had double vision last February (2018) which lasted for about 2 weeks, then resolved itself.I’ve never had such a thing before. On reflection, my eyesight was not right the preceding Christmas period where I thought my left and right eye were not focusing at the same time. I dismissed it as my imagination, only to find that a couple of months later, while I was watching my eldest son’s football match I couldn’t (visually) focus on the players etc. Just thought my eyes were tired.

The next day I awoke with full double vision which was a tad scary. Urgent appointment with optician ( I have specs anyway) just confirmed double-vision; the optician was scratching his head about the cause. Said best get to my GP. Said if it persists then prism-lenses would help. Little did I know that the episode was suggestive of MS; but MRI scan and appointments with Neurologists later helped to make sense of what was going on.

Ask your GP to refer to a neurologist.

I hope you make some progress


I was diagnosed with MS last September 2018 after a nasty bout of Optic Neuritis which has blinded me in one eye and caused a visual defect in the other. Leading up to that I had 4 years of visual problems such as nystagmus, double vision and vertigo. Therefore I would recommend anyone experiencing vision problems to contact their ms doctors or GP’s and ask for tests etc to check on the health of your optic nerve. A simple OCT scan can detect optic nerve damage .

Hi Richard, I have an appointment with the neurologist on 1st May, in the past I only had blurred vision. I did have full blown double vision and still have it, it’s worrying. I hope I can get some answers, I have been seeing neurology since 2008. Hi Becky, I will be contacting my own gp on Tuesday, only Thursday gone I had been given meds for vertigo.I have worn glasses for the past 4 years but often need to take them off due to visual disturbance.I originally put it down to my dyslexia and dyspraxia. I am a bit concerned about it all now. I cannot focus of anything. Thank you both. All the best Lina

Hi I don’t think it can be anything to do with your dyslexia, as I have dyslexia too. I don’t have any problem with it I know having double vision sucks I have to wear my glasses to see now or drive a car without them I find it difficult to see. I carry a second pair with me all the time as if I break or lose my glasses I am stuck without transport.


10 days to go. My vision is stressing me. Kay, I know now it’s not dyslexia. More than words getting jumbled up. Let’s see what happens. Lina

My dad had a saying, engage brain before speaking. I used to start in the middle of sentences (still do sometimes) Kay


Hi there, Would appreciate some advice. I’m currently being investigated for MS and I’ve been experiencing a new symptom (will see doctor next week) I’ve been getting sudden bouts of double vision in one eye (noticed when other eye covered) I see double on top of each other and it’s very blurry/double. The strange thing is, it started in my left eye but now I have been experiencing it in my right eye too but it only affects one eye at a time? Sometimes bit last for around 20 minutes, sometimes a couple of hours. I’m not sure if this is ms related or something else? Would appreciate any advice. Thank you Sam

Having double vision is one of many symptoms of ms you may have to go to the opticians they in turn send you to your doctor who will put you to the eye hospital bfor them to treat you, that’s what they did with me I have double vision all the time and have been prescribed a prism in my glasses to stop it.

You do know that you can’t drive with it it’s really dangerous. I am waiting for an appointment to see them again they are a bit late as they said that I should have another appointment in this month. Good luck Kay

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Thank you Kay. Just think it’s strange how it goes from one eye to another? I don’t drive but was hoping to learn soon guess I should see how things pan out. Had my MRI Wednesday so feeling slightly anxious.

MRI is nothing, it is very noisy, and not much to look at, some on here fall asleep sometimes, have you go an appointment with the neurologist as he will have to look at it to see if you need anything other tests? If you haven’t welcome to limbo land. Kay