Weird symptoms


First time poster.

Do anyone suffer from a burning sensation in their brain? along with lightheaded, Double vision and Migraine behind my eye. this is all mainly right sided. I am just in the mids of getting tests done for various conditions and my haematology doctor mentioned that i should push further as the symptoms i am experiencing could point to MS or similar.

Double vision can be a symptom of ms, I have double vision but it was checked out by the neurologist. With an MRI, they did find a a lesion, a small one but the doctor is keeping an eye on me.

There are many symptoms for ms. I would talk to your GP and see what he says.

Have you been put forward to the eye hospital, they have prisms that are able to correct the double vision, plus you are not allowed to drive, I didn’t drive from February to May 2018, when I had a prism lens on my glasses.

On Friday last week I went to the eye hospital and had a new prism put on my glasses so now my level is four prisms.

So it has got worse, at the moment I am seeing a lot better, it not noticeable when it first starts.

Good Luck


Re double vision - you are only not able to drive if the problem is uncorrected. If you have either a Fresnel prism or a prism incorporated into your glasses and the vision is corrected, it is perfectly ok to drive so long as you have informed the DVLA of your condition.