double vision / diplopia

did anyone experience double vision that started out just when led down and just in the side / peripheral vision? Mine occasionally moves to my central vision in the mornings but is usually just in the side. however I am able to see double in my central vision if I sort of relax my eyes. Does anybody else experience this and if you do what type of ms do you have?

My double vision is bad when I look to the right, it was this that got me an MRI , I don’t have MS. I am under a neurologist still. I did got to the eye hospital last week and have to have a level four in my prism. Since then when I put my glasses on first thing in the morning I have a bit of double vision at first and then it settles down and no longer have it, I have noticed that since last year it has got worse and I am not allowed to drive without my glasses on.

Mine they think is caused by my muscles in my right eye on the side. Hope it helps.


So does your double vision remain when you shut one eye? Mine is binocular so when I close either of my eyes it goes back to normal which is how they know it’s to do with my brain rather than an eye issue

I have had two episodes of double vision both lasting approx six weeks. They started off as a slight overlap gradually progressing to total double. I sometimes used an eye patch to achieve single vision however the strain this seemed to cause made it easier to simply put up with seeing double.

Hope this rectifies for you soon.

Jan x

You can get glasses with a prism from the opticians you don’t always have to go to hospital to have it checked out, my opticians couldn’t get the prism right, but the hospital said it was not a bad one. It was the hospital that put me forward for the MRI and that started the whole thing off lol.