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Hi, I have had a number of visual disturbances over recent months, currently have double vision. I have had this episode of double vision for about two weeks. Neurology prescribed a five day course of Methyl Prednisone. I finished this a week ago. The double vision remains but I think the two images are starting to align more closely. I have been told it is highly likely that I have MS and they have seen brain lesions, just waiting for result of lumbar puncture and final diagnosis. Added complication is that I have a new job. Handed my notice in a current work. Then, typically, the double vision started and I need to drive for my new role. The new company are saying they may not be able to wait for me. Feeling the pressure, which isn’t helping. My main question relates to prism glasses. I am trying to get myself up and running asap so I don’t lose my new job. Last week the Eye Hospital said my vision was to out to be corrected with prism glasses. Does anyone have any experience of how close the double images need to be, to be corrected with prism lenses? If anyone has any advice on how to speed up helping normal vision to return, or how long this lasts, it will be gratefully received. Hope this makes sense, brain is scrambled at the moment. Thank you

Yes I do I have prism glasses but it took over a year to get them, this year, they do how ever give you a plastic lens which can be put on your glasses. I had three appointments with eye hospital before they gave me a prescription for me. They also were the people who sent me for a MRI and sent me forward for an appointment with the neurologist. lol I still have double vision it gets worse when your tired. I noticed it back in October 2017, I have had not had any medications to sort it out. It’s really annoying to have it plus you should tell the DVLA but they will ask for your license back also you may have to reapply when the the hospital correct it. I would not recommend you to drive as you can not gauge distances. I stopped driving until I got the lens that was from October to March. What I have not said is that what I have been told what it is fourth nerve palsy with demyelinating disease lesions. Sorry for being the bearer of bad news. Good luck Kay

Thank you, that is really helpful. Hoping this episode is temporary but I might have a chat with my GP and see if anything can be done to try and safeguard my job. I am bit driving at the moment, already kisding my independence.

Hi, Not sure if my reply posted so trying again. Thank you so much for replying, that is really helpful. Hopeful this is a temporary situation but definitely not driving at the moment. I might have a chat with GP to see if anything can be done in the interim, so I can try and safeguard my new job. Thanks again.

That’s rotten timing - I’m so sorry. Double vision was the thing that secured my MS dx, although it hadn’t been my first symptom. At its worst, the double vision made driving out of the question, but fortunately that didn’t last for long and my vision returned quickly to normal - I haven’t had a hint of double vision in the intervening 20 years. I hope that yours clears up as quickly and completely. I remember standing in the Ladies at work, testing my vision by counting tiles to left and right above the wash basins and trying to convince myself when all was well when it really wasn’t. Maybe you have been doing something similar. :frowning: The steroids should help. Back when I had double vision, they were still giving longer courses of very mild steroids for MS relapses; these days they prefer big, short-term courses like the one you will have had; those do tend to work better in my experience. I hope they do the trick for you. And I hope that the job situation settles down. That’a an extra worry you really could do without just now, isn’t it? Good luck with it all. Alison

Meant to say: I didn’t look into prism glasses - my double vision didn’t last long enough for that to be an issue.



Hi Alison, Thank you so much for your reply. It is good to hear your vision settled down. I can relate what ou said although it has been hard to convince myself that my husband has suddenly got an identical twin who is standing next to him :slight_smile: I do have twins, now quads! Really hoping this doesn’t last too long. I really dobt want the final diagnosis but it many senses it would enable me to move forward. Thanks again, your reply has been so helpful x

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I have had two bouts of double Vision both lasting approx six weeks. If you feel yours is starting to clear then it looks promising. Try not to stress about it as you won’t help the situation, difficult I know.

I hope everything works out well for you.

Jan x

As I understand things when you have prisms on your lenses you can not drive for 3 months so do be very careful. From reading the DVLA website it can take 3 months for your eyes to adjust to the prisms. I never went to the hospital for my eyes to be sorted local optician sorted the problem for me.

Thank you so much for your replies. It is really helpful. When this started two weeks ago my left eye would not move at all. Now, even though it is still double, my eye moves. Hopefully it is heading in the right direction. Fingers crossed it will clear and prism glasses won’t be needed but I shall take that information into account. Hope you all have a great week :slight_smile: Thank you

Hi dizzee I have had prism lenses for many years with the last big a just ment made 6 years ago along with ms confirmation

It took from may to November including a three day steroid infusion to get eyes settled down and stable enough to

Sucsesfully measure for and set up prisms then referred back to my opticians where the very good optometrist

Did the same again and made me specks with prisms but no vary focal so specks for reading also with prisms

Was driving again after two weeks to make sure everything ok not looked back I had six month in eye tests for a start back to yearly now .

There are other symtoms that stopped me working but not being able to drive for 8 month was hard .

Hi Hillybilly, Thank you for your reply, that is really helpful. It is awful not be able to drive, 8 months must have felt like an eternity. Feel stuck in limbo at the moment 2ish they could confirm the diagnosis may help a bit with my new job as (not sure how likely this is) but they may tread a little bit more carefully. I had this mad idea that I could just get the glasses and everything would be okay, think I need to calm myself down and give it time. It’s just difficult being patient.

It’s nice in theory, but even though I had the plastic lens it was a bother, as it wasn’t a clear lens, I haven’t been treated with anything to settle it down. (I didn’t know there was anything) plus it was the eye hospital that saw me the opticians didn’t touch it with a barge pole, I have an eighty year old mum to help look after and it was a pain not being able to drive with hospital doctor appointments.


Hi Dizzee I started with double vision in January 2016, went to eye clinic, they gave me a stick on prism for my glasses which immediately corrected the problem. I was able to drive straight away. They monitored it over the next 2 years and once it had been stable for more than 6 months, I was able to get prism added to my prescription glasses. I’ve now had double vision for over 3 years and have been told that the longer it goes on, the less chance there is of it returning to normal. But all the while the prism is working, everything is fine, I can work, drive etc. You might be lucky (and I hope you are) and find that the double vision goes in time.

That doesn’t sound to hopefull for me then, I have had it for eighteen months now


Hi kart

I found that the high street obticians to be hopeless I found a specialist opticians that deal with awkward cases such as you and me owned by an ex nhs consultant who with care sorted me out any eye problems that’s the first stop .There will be a similar place near you .