Stuck in limbo

Hello there everyone Basically I’m new to this website and I need some guidance and help in what I’m expericing… To start it all off in December, of last year, I had Bells Palsy. It was the left side of my face that was affected. You know, the usual thing of lopsided mouth, eye… Couldn’t control my forehead muscles. I was prescripted a case of steroids for ten days and it worker wonders as I got all my functions back. After the steroids I still couldn’t move my left nostril correct, as if still affected, but that wasn’t a big worry for me… Anyways, a couple weeks had pasted and we’re half way through January when sudden I woke up one morning with double vision. This scared the hell out of me as I’d never experienced anything like this in all my 20 years of existence and didn’t know what was going on… The problem was I was only getting double vision from looking to the left, or afar. I would see one image via looking to the right, so it was evident that it was my left eye that was affected. I put this down to my left eye perhaps not have fully recovered from the Bells. I went to Specsavers and got a prescription for a Prism to be placed in a pair of glasses for me, so I could see one image, and this was all fine and i made sure to keep going doctors so they could keep a check up on me. They said after a while my normal vision should resume and all was going well. They then told me they wanted to do an MRI. I had this MRI done on 31st of March and then got an appointment with a Neurologist for the 23rd of April which I went to. I expected him to give me a run down on why my eyes affected and how long it’ll take to recover… This is where it went very serious for me. He ran me through my MRI and showed me the scans. I’m not a neurologist so I didn’t really know what I was looking at… But he told me I had two lesions on my brain, both on the right side. He said they were consistent with sufferers of MS, as they were near the cortex (or something). To be honest the whole conversation feels like a blur now as I was struck down with shock and fear the moment he said multiple sclerosis. Anyways, he wants to send me off for a lumbar puncture, as nothing is conclusive, but at this moment in time I’m really scared - I feel as if my whole life has been turned upside down. But, the whole reason I wrote this long paragraph, I just want to ask if any of you have gone through something similar as to what I’ve been going through? Do these lesions always point towards MS? Is there anything else that could of caused it, and do this lesions ever go? Thank you to anyone that can help me, I’ll be most greatful to you!

Hi craig,

It sounds like you are in the same position as me!!

I have had an mri which showed one 7mm lesion and I am waiting to see the neurologist and appointment for lumbar puncture and nerve tests. I have had sight problems but not double vision, I have blurry sort of foggy sight in my right eye. I’ve had an eye test and had eye pressure and back of my eyes checked and all is fine other then pain when I look up and right with my right eye.

Sorry I’m not being much help, but at least you know you’re not alone!! Hopefully we will both have answers either way sometime soon

Good luck


Hello Saz, Oh did you really, do you know where abouts the lesion is placed by any chance? Supposedly a lot depends on where the lesion is placed, for what you could possibly have. It is like unbearable pain when you look up with the right eye? I keep reading that a symptom is where there is pain within your eye and I can feel a niggle when I look up with my left eye but it’s not pain as such… Doesn’t cause me harm, just more a discomforts. That’s no worries, just good to know I’m not the only person going through these problems. I think playing the waiting game in waiting for an actual diagnose is the worst bit - feel as if I can’t get it out of my mind and keep tellingn myself all the things I’m feeling are linked to MS. I just hope, with all my might, that it’s not. Same to you, keep me updated on how you get on. All the best Craig

Hey Craig, when I had what I thought were aura migraines, it was one eye. It felt like the whole back of my eye socket was hurting, especially when I moved my eye. My vision was affected and it was like someone shone a very bright light om that eye. I couldn’t see directly in front of me, but my peripheral vision was all dazzled/blurry/double vision/‘sparkly’ (it varied). I remembered the other day one came on when I wS driving out the blue and I had to drive home with one eye open. Doc thinks these weren’t migraines and actually optical neuritis :confused: I think they’re the reason I now have to wear glasses all the time because my eyesight has deteriorated. I had a LP last weak and I was so scared. It was honestly fine. No worse than getting bloody taken. I hope you can end this uncertainty soon

Ps I am awaiting results from LP and a date for MRI so don’t know if I do have any lesions