New to MS not sure if I got it

April 2014 I woke up one morning with double vision quite scary not sure what was going. End up getting admitted saying it could be a stroke or brain tumour have an MRI get told it’s MS cause have legions on my brain. Have to have a lumbar puncture while in hospital. Get told to wait to see consultant in a few weeks. Was really worried about what it all meant as no one really tells you. One month later lose the vision in left eye get told it’s optic neuritis didn’t think things would happen so quick have to have steroids to help it. Ring hospital get an appointment to see consultant to then be told the lumbar puncture is negative not got the banding in it, so because it is negative he wants to send me to a consultant at the QE to double check that it is MS because he is not 100% confused again is it isn’t it the not knowing is doing my had in. To then this month have another episode of ON in my right eye the eye doctor says it is MS and I need to see consultant ASAP as we need to treat the MS not the ON. So now my eyes are just doing my head in totally blurred in right and left still not fully recovered. So for long post just needed to speak to people who understand. What does any one think do you think it is MS? Over the years I have had numb hands when work have them now as I am typing, have had running to toilet at a moments notice for about 10 yrs just never put two and two together always been tired. Don’t mean to go I have always been brought up to just get on with things and that’s what I intend to do just be nice to people who know many thanks for reading my long post vicky x x x

I really hope you get to see a Neurologist soon. MS is quite hard to diagnose as there are so many conditions that present with similar your case it seems they can’t quite pin it down to MS at the moment. You’ll get through it though:) some people have to wait quite a while to get a definate diagnosis unfortunately. I’m sure that someone more informed than me will reply to you soon, but my message will bump you up the page :slight_smile: best of luck, you’re in the right place here :slight_smile: x

Thanks for your message I am seeing my neurologist on Monday so hope he will sort it out , really blurry still in right eye just gone back to work after maternity and can hardly see the money in the till. Got to keep laughing thou many thanks vicky x