Double vision experience.

Hello guys. Please can someone who was diagnosed with MS, describe their double experience because I am seeing double at night( ghost image) .I had some test like mri-scan brain and spine and nothing showed up.


Our experience of double vision would probably be very different to yours. It does sound like you don’t have MS as you’ve had clear MRIs. For someone with MS, they might have double vision as part of a condition called optic neuritis. Which is often in just one eye, but could be both. It tends to come with pain and often with discolouration.

Apart from that, double vision is pretty much just that, seeing double visuals.


Thanks for reply. I will visit another Opthalmologist because it looks like I have also some Optic neuritis symptoms. Thanks Ssssue

Double vision (diplopia) is a tricky one, and many optometrists do not automatically test for it.
It can be vertical or horizontal. The latter is quite common with Parkinsons Disease. My wife has it. and can look at a single tablet and see a line of three.

The causes are several:
The muscles that focus each eye.
The muscles that aim each eye.
The nerves that take the signal from the retinal cells forward to the optic nerves.
The nerves that take the signal from each eye to the brain (gets us into ON territory).
The parts of the brain that process the visual signal.

Overall, this is one of the most complicated parts of the brain (eyes are really part of the brain). Almost any part of the visual system can be affected by MS, but diplopia does not automatically mean MS.


Hi Geoff,

I have not been diagnosed.

The double vision that I get is when I am reading a newspaper and the headlines ‘bounce’ and I see double. It keeps bouncing until it finally settles down so that I can only see one line of writing. A doctor told me it was the ‘wrong type of double vision’.

I had an MRI and they found an osteoma on the inside of my skull but didn’t think it was causing any problems.

I have had lots of symptoms of ms and am waiting for a referral to see a neurologist.

It’s interesting to hear you say that it could be vertical or horizontal.

Kind regards, Ang

My diplopia came to light at a routine eye test(apparently the correct answer to the question is red, not what cross?). turns to I had been closing an eye so just seeing 1 image. Caused by 6th nerve palsy on my left eye, eg There is a lesion next to the 6th nerve in my head, the nerve used to control the eye. Fixed by a Fresnel Prism sticker on glasses