Any opinions welcomed!

Hi everyone!

I’m here because it seems like a really friendly and supportive atmosphere and I have been experiencing some things recently which are worrying me a bit so thought I would try and pick your brains!

About 10 -12 weeks ago my eyes went blurry suddenly and I thought nothing of it because it was early in the morning etc but they are still blurry and after getting an assessment from the optician apparently I have a weakness of the muscles in the eye which enable us to focus. Then I had an attack of vertigo where everything in my peripheral vision went black and my balance was horiffic and my legs were extremely heavy (lasting about an hour). Since then I have had recurrent dizziness.

Generally, I have also had headaches and neckaches since and what I can only explain as a bruised feeling along my spine. My balance and coordination has been getting worse and I have noticed specific weakness in my left hand and I have difficulty holding and gripping things. I have also been experiencing muscle twitches in my left side and the left side of my face. Also (bear with me I’m nearly done!) my eyes seem to have a mind of their own and they involuntarily dart backwards and forwards horizontally on occasion. I do get pins and needles in my hands and feet which I put down to low BP and occasional muscle tension and bone ache. My blood pressure is low but sometimes I can hear my heartbeat in my ear which makes me think that my BP is higher in my head (if that can happen?!)

I’m in my early 20s and according to my optician my eyes are functioning at the rate of someone twice my age which worries me a bit in combination with everything else I have been experiencing. I have a history of drop attacks where my legs just go from underneath me and I lose feeling, getting up from the floor with numb fingertips!

I’ve seen a few GPs and they are all near useless - focussing on the headaches as that is something that they can deal with more than any of the other stuff. Recently, I have pushed for a neuro consult due to the history of drop attacks so hopefully that pays off!

I would be grateful for any input you can all offer!

Thanks :slight_smile:

It looks like you may have optic neurosis. Don’t know enough about it, I know I don’t have. See ophthalmologist. Others on this forum could signpost you. Take care Mike

Hi Anonymous

Gosh you there is a bit going.

In terms of your eye problems it could be a number of things - eye movement problem, nystagmus, decompensation of an underlying problem … just to name a few. Take what the opticians say with a pinch of salt. They’re great at glasses and can be good at picking up some medical eye problems but when it comes to anything eye movements related most get quiet confused - this isn’t their speciality though so that’s understandable. It sounds like you need a referral to the eye department so an ophthalmologist or eye specialist can have a look to find out what’s happened. Your optician can do this for you and if haven’t done this already yous hould question why.

The other symptoms - as you say really need a neurologists input as it could be many things. It’s a good idea if you can see an ophthalmologist and neurologist in the same hospital as this will help with correspondance though if you can’t don’t worry.

Hope you manage to convince your GP - the neurologist really is th next step, the GP is not qualified to make a diagnosis.

Good luck



Hello and welcome :slight_smile: As Reemz says, best to see an ophthalmologist as well as a neurologist. Try and keep an open mind about what’s going on - there are actually loads of conditions that can cause your symptoms, some of which are fixable. I hope you don’t have too long to wait for your appointments, and some answers. Karen x

Hi Anon

It sounds to me as though you’re suffering from a relapse. You need to see your gp asap. Hopefully, they’ll either prescribe some oral steroids/refer you for IV steroids/refer to a neurologist and optholmist.

You need to mention all of the above, including your ‘drop attacks’ as I wonder if those are ms related.

I know myself that prior to my first ‘real attack’ that in hindsight I’d been suffering all sorts of symptoms for quite a few years.

It does get easier the more you know (knowledge is power!) and with time… If I’d known what I know now when I was dx, I wouldn’t have been so scared.

If you don’t get any joy with your gp, go to A&E.

I wish you well.