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I was wondering if I could just run my situation past you and get some advice. Basically a few years ago I had optic neuritis, had an MRI on my head and evoked potential tests and all was well. Was told I had a 20% chance of more incidents. Anyway, a few weeks ago I started getting pins and needles starting at the base of my skull that sort of creeped up to the top of my head. This happened randomly several times away. My vision was also pretty blurry. A couple of weeks later I started having really sudden bad headaches. It was like stabbing pain around the sides and behind the eyes. The headaches have mostly calmed down now after about a week but still have some occasional spasms and a very tender\sore bit at the base of skull. I went to see a gp and she was really unhelpful, didn’t really listen at all. She was determined that it is caused by how sit at work, even though I told her nothing had changed recently and actually I have to walk around quite a lot at work. Also, the pain wasn’t any different at the weekend, infact the headaches had started on a Saturday afternoon. Also she said a couple of times that I’d said my vision had been unaffected, which wasn’t true. I left a lot more worried that when I’d gone there and started to think that maybe there was a connection as the head aches had felt similar to the stabbing pain of the on, although it’s not localised to my eye.

There’s a few other things that I am now thinking I should maybe think about, for example I have bad lower back pain. My back is a bit sore\stiff basically all the time but a couple of times over the last few years there have been periods when it has suddenly become so bad that it’s hard for me to walk, which have lasted weeks/months. Also I feel I get abnormaly stiff, even if I’ve only been sitting for a few minutes it takes a while before I am walking normally due to legs and back. There have also been periods of weeks when my legs have seemed to seize up really tightly and I’ve had to spend half an hour in the evening stretching them. This is my early 20s! I get points and needles too quit a lot but I don’t really know how often people get them normally! I guess when I was younger it was like OH pins and needles whereas now I get them several times a day. lastly, I recently have needed to pee a lot more frequentl, to the point where I really have to carefully plan leaving for work. I have only been drinking a little water in the morning and still pee up to 3 times in the 15 mins before leaving but somehow still arrive at work DESPERATE. it’s only a 45 min journey! I think that’s all for now, sorry for the epic read just wondering if I should go to a different doc or am I being paranoid? Xx


I always say that if your GP isn’t listening to you then go to another one. I did.

You have some genuine concerns about your health so it’s important that you have a GP who is going to take you seriously.

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Hiya Emmam,

As Antony say’s change your GP; easily said I know. I don’t agree with what I’m going to suggest but go private; cost about £300; no referral needed, but ask on here if anyone can recommend a good Neurologist in your area. All treatment; drugs; hospital stays after have on the NHS; then you can be seen within 2 weeks.

Also, ask them to look at this; it mimics MS except or bad headaches; you never know.

I hate metaphors like ‘I got MS, but MS has not got me’ it means nothing. I prefer 'MS is not a stop sign, it’s traffic humps.


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