Any help/advice appreciated!!

Hi everyone,

Just wondering if anyone can offer any help or advice please.

I am a female aged 31 years old. In June 2017, I began feeling really unwell, vomiting in the morning, fever, and a head/neck ache that got progressively worse throughout the day. I initially put these symptoms down to a viral type illness but the head/neck ache got so bad I felt I couldn’t lift my head off the pillow. The other symptoms lasted for approximately two days however I continued to have head/neck pain. My GP believed this was a result of ‘stress/tension’ headaches (as I was at University at the time) and then later diagnosed a trapped nerve. Eventually, after 6 months of going back and forth to my GP I was referred to Neurology. At my first neurology appointment, I was told it was likely I was suffering Migraines but as a precaution they would do an MRI scan. I had the MRI scan (without contrast) on my brain which found that I had lesions. The Neurologist’s letter stated that the lesions were “not typical of those caused by migraines” and were “unusual for someone of my age”. As a result I had a lumbar puncture for further investigation, which all came back as ‘normal’.

My Neurologist is now stating that my symptoms are all a result of Migraine. Some of the symptoms I get regularly are:

intense headaches (particularly on the left side of my head),

tingling on my scalp on left side,

pins and needles in my toes,

pain in my face, lower back, left hip and left leg


dizziness (like the room is spinning),

memory and concentration difficulties,

difficulty with word finding (sometimes I say the wrong words)

anxiety and depression.

I feel that once my neurologist realised that I suffered with anxiety he became very dismissive of my symptoms. He has suggested that I have some nerve blocking injections to alleviate the ‘migraines’. I feel that this is contradictory of his initial letter following the MRI scan which read my lesions were not typical of migraines. I am now quite confused and wondering if I should request a second opinion?

Any help or advice is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance :slight_smile: