Vision probs :(

I have blurred vision and I am finding it really hard to focus on things especially text and reading. I feel as though i have just spun around ten times and I am trying to get my balance again. Could this be another attack/relapse or have I just strained my eyes? #scared #tearful&worried. Ash x

Hi Ash,

If it’s a new symptom i would speak to your nurse and/or GP and ask about a referral to an opthalmologist. Most hospitals run emergency clinics, so you will be seen quickly. It’s better to get things concerning vision checked out, sight is not something you want to gamble with.

Hope it improves for you soon,

Laura x

Hi Laura, yes it is a new symptom. I just dont feel right at all, i cant focus or concentrate on anything without it becoming blurry. I have noticed it for about two days now I just put it down to tiredness along with the heat as I have just came back from a music festival in Spain on Tuesday. I am going to see if it passes over the next day or two if not I will contact my GP. Take care Ash x

Ashmash having the same trouble at the moment. Call your neuros secretary. Waiting on them to call me on Monday about this. While I was in hospital had my eyes tested and have inflammation on optic nerve. Seems to be getting worse for me. That’s why I called. When they call on Monday will post the result of phone call. Take care. BE

Hi BE, I seen my GP yesterday who contacted my neuros secretary. Hopefully I will see him next week anyway as I have to have more blood tests done and arrange a second scan. I was due to have an optic nerve test done whilst I was in hospital but I wasn’t fit for it as I didn’t respond too well to my LP. So maybe my optic nerve is inflamed. Let me know how you get on with your neuro on Monday. Take care too. Ash x


I’d ask to be referred to an opthalmologist. I saw one a few years ago when I was getting vision problems. She gave me some eye exercises to build up the strength of my eye muscles and they sorted it out for me.

The two main ones I did would be easy for you to try. The first one involved a strip of card about 9 inches long with a line down the middle and a dot on it every inch & a half or so. I had to hold the card horizontally under my nose so that it pointed away fromme, parallel to the ground. I would have to look at the dot furthest away and try and make it so that I saw just one dot. When I’d done that I’d look away for a few seconds and then do the same thing with the next nearest dot, I’d have to repeat this for each dot until I couldn’t do it any more.

The other exercise was very similar. I’d hold my my arm straight out in front of me and point my finger up. I’d look at my finger and try to make it so I only saw one finger. Then I’d look away for a few seconds, bring my finger a bit closer to me and then repeat. I’d keep doing this, bringing my finger a bit closer each time.

I’d do these a few times a day. I was warned that I might find the double vision would get worse at first, but that was perfectly normal. It’s just like starting going to the gym for the first time - because the muscles have never been exercised like this before, they’ll naturally be very tired at first. But they’ll start to build up their strength, and then you should start to see an improvement. I only needed to do them for a week or so and I found that I didn’t get the double vision any more.

I hope that helps.


I have blurred and double vision which gets worse in relation to how tired I am. Visiting a good optician may help. Mine made me some wonderful glasses, they’re varifocals with 3 “layers”. The top layer is for tv or that distance, middle for closer work eg computer or crafts, bottom is for close up like reading, but each layer has a prism which draws my eyes to the centre of each layer and they’re training my eyes to remain focused and work together. They’re quite expensive but well worth every penny. My optician suspected I had ms long before I had it confirmed as apparently there is almost nothing wrong with my eyes themselves but they’re not working together or talking to my brain properly.

That sounds really whacky I know but that’s how I understand it. All I know is that my specs have been the best investment I’ve had for a long time. Obviously tiredness still takes its toll and they take some time to get used to but I thought it might be worth a try.

Min x

Transition lenses are great for when you go outside. They become clear After a few minutes again when inside. Helps protect the eyes somewhat from the uv light.

Thanks guys for all your advice. I will try the eye exercises out too. I think I will book an appointment with my optician aswell, as I tried on my mums varifocal glasses yesterday and I could see an improvement when reading! I have had perfect vision myself Min but I guess this is all do with signals not being transmitted properly via the optic nerve, bloody MS! :-p Ash x

Hi Ash. The varifocals help but the prisms are what’s helping my eyes work together. They make my eyes automatically focus in one area as if I look sideways they start to blur, I almost think it’s what would be given to someone with a squint. As I said they’re expensive and take a bit of getting used to but definitely help a lot.

Hope you get some answers.

Min x