A wee bit of advice please

I am relatively new to all this I was diagnosed with RRMS in March and seem to have recovered fairly well just the odd wee niggle. Anyway during the past week my right eye has began to feel funny there has been some discharge evident in the morning so I assumed it was an infection and was using eye drops. However on thursday my entire eye area was painful I went to my GP who looked at it, he felt it was an infection also and prescribed antibiotic drops but told me to keep an eye on it. Sorry for the pun.

However yest evening and this morning I have noticed I cant see as clearly out of this eye and I have no peripheral vision in my right eye. I dont want to assume it is MS related but I just would like to know if anyone has experienced this or can offer any advice.

Many thanks


Hi Missy, I suffered this too turned out it was optic neuritis and yes MS related, I was 18 weeks before I regained full sight in my left eye again. You need to go back to your GP with this eyes are precious, if I can help any further please don’t hesitate. Sue x

Hi Sue,

Thanks for the reply the only thing I forget to mention was my eye is a bit red hence the belief that it is an infection. I dont know if optic neuritis would present with a red eye but then again I dont know very much. i do intend to go to GP on monday if things have not improved. My hubby suggested going to A&E but I feel as if I would be wasting peoples time and also the kids are off for halloween so I want to be able to do something with them.

Thanks again for the reply it is appreciated


ON doesn’t cause a discharge as far as I know, but MS can cause other eye problems too so it’s probably best to get it checked out properly by an expert to make sure you’re getting the right treatment. Your GP can give you a referral to an ophthalmologist, but you could also go to A & E if things get worse over the weekend.

Karen x

Karen, Your right ON dosen’t cause a disharge, hmm discharge red eye and blurred vision could it be uveitis? Again like Karen said best to get it checked out x

I would like to know how you have got on since your original post please.