Could this be optic neurits?

Hi wondering those of you who’ve had ON what were your symptoms?..I’ve had a sore eye when I move it for the past couple of weeks my vision seemed ok to begin with but now I’m seeing a lot of flashing out of my eyes especially when going from outside to in or vice versa also everything looks too bright and sometimes sparky!!..does this sound typical?..I’m on avonex and this is the first thing I’ve had since being diagnosed last year so a bit worried things are going to get worse as I’ve been ok?..sorry to ramble on just a bit concerned my sights going to go!!..thanks Emma x

Hi Laura My optic neuritis began with headaches and a slight blur in my left eye. Then over the course of a few days to a week I slowly lost vision in that eye. I can’t comment on whether you’ve got optic neuritis or not as everyone’s onset and symptoms can be different. I guess time will tell. Worth checking in with your MS nurse though anyway so you can get it documented and they may be able to give you some more of an idea if it is indeed optic neuritis. I hope it isn’t and I hope your vision goes back to normal soon. Lisa x

And I’ve just realised I called you Laura and your name is Emma. Sorry about that! Xxx

Hi Emma

It does sound like the same symptoms as I get when my ON flares up but I would check it out with your MS Nurse. You are not rambling I was worried about losing my sight too but it never goes for long. During that terrible heat I lost the sight in one eye for 10 mins but it did come back. If it gets bad I keep very cool and put an ice pack on my eye and the most important thing is don’t panic.

Hope you get some reassurance from your MS Nurse.

Shazzie xx

Just to agree with tha replies above. The symtoms are in keeping with ON, I think. ON almost always gets better (not 100%, but way better). I would check with my MS nurse.