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Hi guys, you’ve probably been asked this one before. My left eye has felt a little weird for the last few weeks I put it don to fatigue, but tonight turned the lap top on and it stung like I had acid in it and was streaming like crazy, so straight away dr Google and I came up with optic neuritis, is this normal I’ve been Dx’d 2 years April it says this is something that is normally a pre condition to ms. Boy does it sting

It’s not always the first symptom. People can get ON at any point with MS. Talk to your MS nurse. (It’s always the bloody weekend!) You could get an eye test with an optician - they should be able to see the optic nerve and can check for things like colour changes as well.

Don’t forget though, not everything is MS. So make sure you get it checked out. And if your vision is iffy, don’t drive!


Had eye test about 4 months ago and everything was ok I’ve worn glasses for quite some time, don’t worry about the driving Mrs drummer boy will be chauffeuring me around must find her a peak cap and a duster

My first symptoms were all eye related. ON and uveitis, iritis, par planitis. Guess my immune system just hates one of my eyes for no reason. In the beginning when I spoke to my GP he said if it’s in one side only and sore or bloodshot get to eye A&E, don’t wait for GP appointments or referrals. My local hospital has an eye only A&E through the week. If yours doesn’t normal A&E is worth a shot. Time can be of the essence in saving your vision - don’t muck around with your sight. If you’ve a history of MS, you won’t be seen as a timewaster by A&E.

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Dear Drummer Boy. Agree, Sue’s advice is perfect.

FYI though, I have dry and stinging eyes all of the time and I am currently signed off from work with exhaustion and extreme fatigue. I am hoping that my eyes improve. I use drops and sun glasses most of the time. Make sure that you are resting well. Warmest thoughts Ali

Fatigue is a big part of my ms I’m constantly exhausted, a lot due to all the meds I know I have breakthrough pain constantly but refuse to take any more meds and just be chemically spaced out I have told my GPs and consultant I would rather have an amount of pain and at least some life. So I guess the eye problem is just another by product to cope with. It just came on so suddenly with no warning. I do suffer with dry eyes but not to the point it causes any issues.

Just out of curiosity, what treatment have you had for your MS?

See you may also get a strange effect where one pupil looks bigger than the other; only seen by looking in a mirror.

Don’t worry this disappears with your ON.