Optic Neuritis?

Hi all! After a bit of advice really - last Thursday I popped outside and felt as if something went in my eye as it suddenly started hurting. It felt better by the evening, Friday it also felt ok! Then Saturday my eye starts hurting again (right eye) and goes blurry/ as if I can see white spots. I only noticed this when I closed my eye to do eyeliner on my other eye. It also started hurting when I move my eye. Same thing Sunday although felt a lot more painful.

today my eye hurts even more and is still blurry/bitty. Also feel sick and am struggling to eat. I’ve done some googling and sounds most similar to optic neuritis? Could it be this do you think? Am going to call the Dr tomorrow if still not any better.

It could well be ON, you’re doing the right thing by getting to your GP as soon as possible, it’s always best to have it checked out…not sure if the sickness is related though

Rosina x

Try the drops called Blink. They help irrigate the eye and make it feel more comfortable. But do also see your GP.

l am following the trial on Biotin. And have joined the facebook group Biotin for Progressive MS. One of the facts l have gleaned ,about the trial, is that a high dose of Biotin and Thiamine have had a great effect on people on the trial who have eye problems - optic neuritis.

Thanks for your replies Rosina and Spacejacket. Yes hopefully I can get a Dr appointment tomorrow. And will also see if I can find those eye drops, thanks! :slight_smile: I have washed my eye a couple of times but makes no difference so that makes me think it could be MS as surely if something has got in my eye it would wash out.

How are you finding the Biotin trial? I’m not on medication yet as the MS nurse and neurologist think it’s better if I have a baby first (I’m late 20s and want children). X

So I’ve tried calling my doctors this morning and reception aren’t picking up the phone!

is it worth calling the NHS helpline do you think? Some people have suggested going I the opticians but surely as there’s pain a doctor is the best person to see?

l f you can’t get to see your GP - then do go to the opticians. They will also give you the drops to lubricate your eye. Dry eyes feel prickly - as if you have something in them - quite uncomfortable. An optician can see what is going on - and l am sure a good one will be able to pick up on ON.

Yes, l am doing well on the Biotin/Thiamine - and its early days. l also take LDN - Vitd3/B12 and this combination suits me-as most of the meds that GP’s/Neuros prescribe did not - l suffered more from side-effects to the meds then l did the symptoms they were supposed to help.

Yes call the 111 NHS non emergency number this morning. They often get a GP to phone you back. I’ve done this a few times.

I’ve had a look on the web at the NHS symptom checker and it states for blurred or double vision a visit to A&E is required as soon as possible. Even if you are diagnosed with MS.


Does your local hospital have an eye A + E ?

Some do


Hi guys, thanks for your help! I went to the opticians this morning, they ran some tests and were concerned with my eye. I couldn’t do the tests as my sight has gone so bad and they couldn’t even take a photo of the back of my eye for some reason. They have referred me to A&E to see an eye doctor. Going to go tomorrow morning as I can’t get there today. Fingers crossed I might finally get an answer! I did mention the MS and she said It may well be to do with that.

glad the trials are working out for you so far spacejacket. :slight_smile:


It sounds like ON to me too. in most cases it clears up…you are doing the right thing, early investigation is crucial.

Hi all, went to the hospital today and saw the eye doctor, who told me that it is Optic Neuritis!! Said that it will get better by itself but they don’t know when.

Thats good that you got it checked out,hope it gets better soon,its so not nice i am going thru same in one of my eyes.have’nt had it in ages,either.

J x

Thanks mrsJ! Sorry to hear you also have it at the moment :frowning: have you had it before? Hope you also feel better soon x

Sorry to hear it’s ON. When I had it, Moorfields told me it would take about six weeks and they were about right. I could see well enough to go back to work in six weeks, I could drive again about two weeks after that. Mind you, colour vision took longer to return but that didn’t really matter as it was only in one eye.

Wishing you better soon.

My ON cleared within 6 weeks showing no residue symptoms.

It can feel like your eye is blurry, and it makes judging distance much more difficult, but it commonly resolves by itself.

I hope you get your sight back soon. It is a nuisance and initially very frightening.

Thank you for the support :slight_smile: yes I was surprised they didn’t give me a time frame but hopefully it will go within 6 weeks like it did for you both. You’re right it is definitely frightening! I’m so glad it’s not both eyes, as I know that can happen. That must be so scary!! It does seem as though the blurryness is slightly better than yesterday but the colour vision is still bad! I’m hoping I can get back to driving soon, I usually drive to work so am going to have to get the train till my eyes better.

hope you guys are all doing ok!! X

Like all things MS, the recovery time with ON can vary.

I would say that my sight was improved after 6 weeks but probably took about 18 months for the effect to become not noticeable.

The good news is that my sight recovered completely, only on an eye exam can the scarring on my optic nerve be seen.

It is very frightening when it happens, but the outcome can be OK.

Good Luck


The joys of MS eh? That is great news that your sight recovered completely!

luckily my eye seems to be getting by slightly better each day so I’m hopeful my sight will also recover completely.