Optical Neuritis...flare?

I had optical neuritis before and it was proven by VEP test in both eyes. Anyway not had much problem in the last few years with my eyes, but about a week ago i got a lot of blurry vision and some spots in my eyes. Two days ago my left eye started to get sore and painful and felt like something in it, today its worse but red too and i have struggled to type as it makes it hard for me to move my eye as its not really painful per se but irritable so i am typing with one eye closed lol…its easier but hard as my right one is blurry even with glasses. I really dont feel well either irritable and out of sorts.

Just wondering if anyone has ON and the eye was red too or do you think its just an infection perhaps? I dont want to panic over something simple…thats the trouble with this stupid disease you never know when to ignore things as just stuff or MS stuff.

Hi Goldengirl

I have had optic neuritis a few times, always in the same eye. in fact this is what started the MS diagnosis route and investigations. When I have it my vision is a little blurry, when I look at text it sort of seems grey instead of black and looks like it is moving. Mine has always been a sharp stabbing pain, made worse by moving eye. My eye has never appeared red or bloodshot, which can be frustrating in a way as people don’t understand how much you may be suffering. I also lose the colour red in that eye, with red objects appearing more pinkish.

I think you should get the eye checked out. Last time I had it I emailed my MS nurse to ask what I should do, and she got in touch with my consultant. Even though there is not much they can do, apparently it is good to get it on record in case pattern emerges or you need the evidence. I know you can be given steroids, I was refused them as was on too much other medication, and is no evidence it goes away any quicker or more thoroughly apparently.

I know what you mean about not knowing what is the MS. Every time I get an infection or a cold I wonder if it is the MS responsible.

Are you currently on any medication for MS?

Hope eye gets better soon, know how you feel and really advise you to get checked.

Hi thank you for responding. I am not sure its my MS but if its the same in the morning i will have it checked out. I cant ever remember even as a child having a sore eye lol…but then i cant ever imagine having MS lol.

I wonder if i got something in there. I have some eye wash going to use it today it wont do any harm, but its hard to type.

when i had ON i dont remember having colour problems it was back in 2000 when i went blind twice it started, then it carried on mostly with pain on and off for about FOUR YEARS, and no one cared a fig. They kept saying it was DRY EYE…until finally i had positive VEP which showed i had it quite bad in the left…

I will see how i go in the morning. Thanks again for your kind responce.