Hi to all, I went away last thursday for a week after my ops and have had blurred vision in my left eye along with greying of vision faded colour and also pain when i move my eye i am going to docs when we get bk but dont know which day we are going home yet? Does anyone know what this is please as i have no idea at all. Thanks in advance. Dolphin500.

It could be optic neuritis??

It could be Optic Neuritis. Faded colours, especially red, are typical as is eye pain and blurring. I had it myself. In my case it resolvef. Having said that, it can be something not related to MS. Get it checked out asap. I would call NHS 24 if you’re worried.

Hi Dolphin, your symptoms sound exactly like the ones I had when I was affected with optic neuritis. It took approx a week to peak (in terms of deterioration of vision) and then a few days later I started to recover. I wasn’t offered any treatment and my vision fully recovered. I hope your symptoms soon start to ease. Best wishes, Nicola

Hi Dolphin,

Do hope your eye problem is resolving itself. Does sound like optic neuritis. A good optician can usually diagnose it.

When you are feeling better - do let us know how the ‘sacral neuro-modulation’ is working - longing to hear what difference it has made to you. Told my GP about it -and she is ‘referring’ me to the consultant at Solihull Hospital at their unit.

Spacejacket, That is great to hear you are been referred for neuromod let me know how it goes for you. Mine is fine though i might turn it up a bit today as its good to try it on differant settings. Dolphin500.