Vision issues

For a few weeks now, I have had a fixed “spot” (more of a sausage shape) in my vision that creates a sort of dirty pale brown smudge in my field of vision when looking at certain colours. I’ve also been having bouts of macropsia. Any thoughts if this could be MS related?

Yes most definitely sounds like ON or Optic Neuritis. Very common with MS. It means that the MS is affecting the optic nerve and causes colour distortion and blind spots. It is temporary although can last a while.

Google it and look at ‘symptoms’ on this site. Loads of info available.

You need to see your neuro or at least the GP. They can diagnose easily by looking into your eyes at the optic nerves.

Sorry you have it but at least now you know what it is (saying that, of course I could be wrong, but you have classic symptoms).

Pat x


Pat is so right, get your eyes checked, it sounds like your optic nerve is either being damaged or has been and left you with a distortion of colour vision.

I experienced everything turning yellow, so had to buy some glasses with special tints to try tone it down cos it made me feel sick.

Mine eventually settled but now I can only see black and white in the affected eye. Please dont panic though, most people get all their sight back to normal, I was just very unlucky.

Best wishes



You really need to go and see an eye specialist.

Most big hospitals have an eye emergency clinic, it is probably worth finding out where your nearest one is. Failing that your GP should be able to refer you.

I had ON and to all intents and purposes have completely recovered my sight so try not to worry too much, anything is possible.