Seeing a colour, but it's not normal?


This symptom is throwing me a little.

Been getting headaches, but not what I call nornal headaches,

these are like I’m wearing a really tight headband, but the scary part for

me is, I’ll sleep, and on waking everything seems normal, until I look at

one of my dogs and she’s bright dayglo yellow.

It fades after a while, and nothing else has changed colour, just Lissy the


Anyone identify with this?

If so what did you do?

Thanks for your time.

A very worried Jo…x

hiya jo

4 months ago i lost my sight completely in left eye-pitch black,nothing at all. as my optic nerve settles i see similar to what u describe. i can see the outline of a picture frame but not in detail in it. i have bright red flowers in a vase-but to me they are non descript colour-i sup[pose sepia like. i had difficulty reading ur post because the colour makes the words blur into each other after a few seconds.

worst thing to do is worry-easier said than done i know! but please do try to relex/destress and settle ur nerves-that will help.

have u contacted gp or optician for advice? steroids may be an option? or just sit it out (steroids make me worse!) however they are very effective for some-no way of telling til u try them.

take care of you. ellie

Hi Jo,

Visual disturbance can be associated with migraine, and can be with OR without accompanying headache, so your mention of the headaches, coupled with the apparently short-lived nature of it (How long is “a while”?) makes me wonder if it might be that.

Colour distortion can also be associated with optic neuritis (a very common symptom of MS), yet I would expect it to last longer, if it was that.

I sometimes have colour distortion in very limited circumstances, such as viewing certain fonts, on the computer.

Once or twice, I’ve been amazed that someone had taken great pains to send me an email in different red and green fonts, alternating from letter to letter, before realising it was in fact normal black and white, and my eyes were seeing false colours. Yet even looking at a different font, somewhere else, did not replicate the problem.

Looking round the room, colours appeared completely normal.

I’ve no idea why I should have colour distortion only with certain fonts, or you ONLY when looking at Lissy!

For peace of mind, I think you need to report this to your neuro, GP, or MS nurse, as I doubt anyone here will be able to give you a definite answer.

I reported my issue with the fonts to my neuro, but although it went in my notes, nobody seemed that bothered about it. I suspected ON, naturally, but the funny thing is, I’ve never been diagnosed with that. VEPs were normal, when I was first diagnosed, and subsequent routine visits to the optician have found nothing, even though I’ve highlighted that I have MS, and that ON could be a possibility. Optician seemed quite dismissive. When I told him I have MS, he almost snapped: “Well, there’s nothing we can do about THAT!”

I wasn’t expecting him to: I just thought if he was testing my eyes, he might find a few “funnies”, and should be warned I have a chronic underlying condition.

Please do report it, but I can’t guarantee you will get answers, or even that the so-called experts won’t just shrug, and say: “Well, you have got MS, after all…”



Thankyou for your reply Ellie, my apologies about the colour choice, I will

not use it again, annoyed with myself for having done so, and not giving it any

thought, oop’s…



oh heck!

dont worry re ur choice of colour-thats my issue-not urs!

as tina has said as well, get it noted by someone as part of the wider picture.

take care, e

Hi Tina,

Thanks for replying.

This is a week now.

Never had a migraine like this, mine are usually the normal flashing and floaters

then the pain in the head and a dark room, not getting anything the same, just the

tightness round the head and the colour yellow, I am however squinting a lot, even with my

glasses on.

I shall phone neuro tomorrow, and see what the outcome is…

Thanks again