Blurred vision, thoughts?

Hi, my first post in 5 years of following the ms Society…

i recently went to an optician about some eye pain, she suspected it was optic neuritis and referred me to the local hospital.

a week later as the pain decreased, the same eye became blurry - migraine style, the same optician checked me out and agreed it was probably a migraine.

its nearly another week later and in my right eye is still like looking through textured glass. No further migraine symptoms.

My ms nurse was quite chilled out about it and I don’t want to make a fuss.

anyone else had this? Is blurred vision something that goes with optic neuritis? Thanks peeps

Hi HilaryB,

​I’ve had optic neuritis in both eyes, and each time have had blurred vision for a number of weeks after its onset. It was one of the major factors leading to my diagnosis.

I was offered steroids the second time it happened, but declined because I’m a wimp and was afraid of possible side effects!

Hope this helps, I would definitely speak to your ms nurse again even if it’s just to log the symptoms!

Al the best

Freckles xxx

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Thanks for the advice peeps x

Ive recently had optic neuritis and my eye was very painful, it hurt just to move it left to right, my vision went blurry then I had a big cloudy circle which I couldnt see through at all. I felt very disorientated and almost like travel sickness feeling, as I had not had ON before I thought it was perhaps a migraine too. My neurologist confirmed optic neuritis straight away and said it was a relapse of MS. I took 5000mg of steroids orally over 5 days and it cleared up almost straight away.

Jane x

Hello Hilary,

I had this, it sucks, im with freckleson on this one,

my eyes tend to change threw the day! i quess thats just the nature of the beast!

good luck, i just luv these little guys!!