Eye Issues

I have had an MRI that is indicative for MS. My PCP has diagnosed me with MS but I have not received an official diagnosis. I have my first Neurology apt May 6th. I have been seeing a cornea and retina specialist since August. I have red, irritated, inflamed eyes. My vision will diminish to 20/40 and 20/50 and everything will have a gray cast and my eye will hurt while my vision is blurry. It will last one to two weeks then my vision will come back normal. It does not affect both eyes at the same time. I was on a steroid eye drop 4 times a day for 4 months unit I became a steroid responder. My retina and cornea specialist can not figure out what is causing this as my optic nerve is fine. My biggest complaint is the daily red, irritated eyes. Has anyone else in the MS community experience this? Is this a MS symptom or something else?

Hi KBell, probably unrelated but I have eye issues that are not related to anything really except as the Doc says, getting a bit older. So for some years I have really sore, red, itchy eyes like there is grit in. It seems, I have no moisture left so happily I now put a Dr prescribed goo in at night and a watery thinner lotion in the day time. These almost completely get rid of the soreness. I am assured it is nothing to do with any other condition I have, just a particular thing to me so perhaps try asking the GP as mine sent me straight to the opticians who got the camera thingy and said ‘No moisture Pam, dry as a bone’. Then she contacted the GP who prescribed accordingly.

I hope this helps, again don’t want to give you wrong advice but sometimes worth thinking about the daily things that can appear along with the condition-things that appear too.

I have bouts of optical neuritis and have the same. i was diagnosed from two VEPS with on and ms. My eyes are always red mainly because they are blurry a lot i am rubbing them. I have poor side vision and my colour perception is off whack. Maybe you need a VEP. I also have suddenly developed in growing eye lashes in my left eye which makes my eye pain even worse. i have had them removed once, and it looks like they are back. I mean jeez 67 never in my life had that now i get it on top of the pain from ON.

Hello KBell.

I had big problems distinguishing shades of colour and details of faces after spending time on computers or TV.

In amongst the general chaos in my life I was prescribed anti-depressants.

They returned to normal. No-one knows why.

Best wishes.