Eye issues

Hi there,

I am currently waiting diagnosis following an MRI. Wondered how many of you suffer from bloodshot/yellow and dry eyes? I’ve been having awful blurred vision and white fuzzyness for some time now and my eyes are a yukky yellow tinge colour and blood shot each day. I have a whole list of other symptoms also, hence been referred to neurologist.

I was going to try some eye drops for dry eyes but wanted to know if anyone else suffered from this ongoing issue?

Thanks in advance.

Although eye problems are common with MS, those particular symptoms don’t sound like MS ones. It affects the nerves behind the eye, or sometimes the muscles that control the eyes (also a nerve problem really, but a slightly different one).

Nerve damage wouldn’t cause yellow or bloodshot eyes - it’s a “behind the scenes” problem, so to speak - with the controls, not with the eyes themselves.

I do get one very dry eye (always the same eye), and the Medical Profession has never been able to come up with why, but I’ve been assured it’s nothing to do with the MS. Some other auto-immune diseases (notably lupus) are associated with dry eye, so if you haven’t been diagnosed yet, it might be an indication your problems are not MS.

Unfortunately, though, people with one auto-immune problem are slightly more at risk of having another, so it could be that you do have MS, but the eye problem is unrelated - as mine is claimed to be.

However, I’ve had full rheumatology screening - twice - and been cleared for lupus and everything else. So we’re still no closer to knowing what causes it. Fortunately, I haven’t had a serious outbreak for some time now - in fact, I think ever since leaving work, which makes no sense, as I worked from home anyway, and still spend a lot of time on the computer, so my overall habits haven’t changed much - at least as far as the eye is concerned. How on earth could it tell the difference between work and non-work use of the computer?

Actually, having said that, I’ve just realised I replaced the computer when the work one had to go back, so could it be there was something wrong with the brightness or resolution of the old one, that caused eye strain? The work one was a much costlier model than I have been able to replace it with, but, it was at least a couple of years old - old, in computing terms. So it’s possible the cheapo replacement was still an improvement.

That eye is still more sensitive than the other. For example, if I wash with ordinary soap and water - without intentionally getting any in my eyes - that eye always stings, the other doesn’t. So it has been compared to an allergy, but I’ve never heard of anyone being allergic in only one eye before. :frowning:


Hi, as Tina has pointed out your problem with dry eyes could relate to another autoimmune disease as it is possible to have 3 or 4 at the same time. I have MS, Lupus and Ankylosing Spondylitis all autoimmune and I suffer badly with dry eyes, need drops every day. I also have burst blood vessels quite often in both eyes. So it’s possible there may be something else going on with you, have you seen a Rheumatologist yet as they may play a part in your problem?