watery eyes

hi all

firstly, i’ve not been here for a while and hope everyone is happy and well.

quick question- has anyone suffered from watery eyes? i seem to have been getting them for a couple of weeks now.

will catch up properly soon, and best wishes to everyone.


Hi Fluffyollie,

Not an MS thing, that I know of.

I do have a conjunctivitis-like problem with one eye (always the same eye) that flares up from time-to-time, but it was tested and was not an infection.

Some immune diseases (notably lupus) can cause problems with dry eyes - paradoxically it can seem like the eye is runny, because it gets sore.

However, MS is not in the group associated with this.

I’ve been told mine’s not MS, I’ve had full rheumatology screening - twice - on the way to being diagnosed with MS - so can be fairly confident it’s not another immune thing, including lupus.

Nobody has ever diagnosed it. The closest answer I’ve ever got is: “It’s like an allergy”, but nobody has been able to explain to me how anyone can have an allergy in just one eye.

I don’t seem to have had it so much since I stopped work, which is strange, as I worked from home anyway, so my environment hasn’t changed.

I wonder if it had something to do with extended hours on the computer (I still spend a lot of time on the computer, but take a nap in the afternoons, so it’s not continual.)

Or if it was something in particular to do with my work computer, which I had to give back. It was old and pretty clapped out, so might have had a problem with screen brightness, or screen resolution or something.

Apart from switching to a computer I bought myself, and having a nap in the afternoons, I can’t think of anything else I’ve changed that would make a difference to the eye problem.

It hasn’t gone away completely - that eye is always a bit more sensitive. But it hasn’t flared up badly for a long while.




Right eye almost continually, and beeb that way for six months now. No idea why.


Thanks Tina and Geoff for getting back to me. I am reassured that I am not the only one, but have to presume that it is another example of the gift that keeps on giving which MS appears to be.

i am sometimes sceptical about what medical professionals say, for example there is NO ‘proven’ reason for babies to suffer with a dodgy tummy and/or nappy rash when they are teething, so many doctors do not accept it as a side effect of the condition, despite a massive number of parents who appear to have corroborated these effects being present in their own children.

Not wishing to contradict, as I can only speak for myself - but I’m perfectly satisfied mine’s not MS - although it doesn’t look as if I’m ever going to find out what it is.

I accept (was going to say “appreciate”, but wrong word) that there’s other stuff wrong with me - mostly minor - that has nothing to do with MS.

Mum even claims Dad (who never had MS) had a similar thing, affecting just the one eye, although throughout my childhood, I can’t recall ever seeing him like it, or him complaining about it. But children are self-absorbed, and not always very aware of adults’ problems. I assume Mum would know about the man she was married to for 43 years, and whether he had this problem or not. It seems an odd thing for her to be so convinced of, if it were not the case, but I’m a little confused over never noticing, as certainly, when it happens to me, the eye looks very sore indeed - to the point I’m self-conscious.

I will say that since my health declined generally, due to MS, I do find these other gripes - which are probably unrelated - harder to put up with. Having a sore eye is always demoralising, but having a sore eye on top of feeling pretty shitty in the first place is worse.

I think most people have their own clutch of minor ailments, but I find them harder to shrug off now, because it’s “another damn thing”, instead of just a slight nuisance.



I have had a watery left eye for almost 3 months now. Was at eye clinic start of August and was told allergic conjunctivitis and optic iritis and given Celluvisc eye drops. Still no follow up appointment, eye bloodshot and painful. I wear sunglasses all the time because people stare - I wobble when I walk and now the eye thing going on I look drunk all the time. I am awaiting a VEP test next month before seeing neuro to find out what is causing symptons. GP suspects MS but we can do nothing until all tests are in! Go to opticians they might be able to tell you what is causing your eye to water.

Have had watery eyes on and off for few year.had never thought of me but maybe?


for years i’ve had a problem with my eyes, not just watering a little but streaming when it’s too cold, or it’s too hot, or windy, but worst of all is when i start yawning. even thinking about yawning sets me off (which it has!). i saw a dog yawn on tv, yesterday, which prompted a good 5 minutes of yawning, after a while my nose will stream too. seeing another person yawn can set me off so badly i end up with floods of tears pouring out of my eyes. i asked my neurologist if it could be to do with hyper reflexia, he shrugged and said that it might be. he seems to be of the opinion that PWMS are just weird, i think.

i’ll be watching this post with interest. x

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Hi all I have had watery eyes for about 5 years now! I usually blame it on my diplopia but not to sure.


Hey blackcats. What’s owns, or am I being really thick?

Oddly enough I have this morning but generally no watery eyes. I do have a watery nose though and it drives me mad I’ve been taking Antihistamine for about a year, I should stop because they are not helping at all

Jan x

sorry, i don’t get your question, or is it me being really thick?

I have had an episode of CIS not diagnosed MS as yet but the day before my first onset of symptoms mainly double vision dizziness and balance problems I started with a streaming left eye. As I had optic nerve palsy I’m convinced it was connected x

Hi bc, you’re not being thick at all. I meant Pwns but sodding spellchecker on this thing “corrected” my text!

I realize that this is a very old, thread, but I stumbled upon it during an Internet search about the same problem. I have MS and my left side tends to be my most affected side. My left eye waters constantly! It’s really annoying!My nose also tends to run more on that side as well. In photos, I often notice that that eye doesn’t seem as open as the other one and sometimes appears more puffy. (Sidenote: If my spelling looks weird, it’s because I am actually in the US, not the UK.)