hey all..well my eyes are not great last few seems I have an infection in both eyes..burning and stinging. in corner of both eyes and a slight discharge first left eye lids are slightly swollen and eye half closed.(suspected ON in that eye).and my visison has got worse and in the right eye my vision had got allot worse last few I cant read road signs or number plates. when out on trike.or the TV guide on a 42" plasma ;-( hoping to get a lift down to eye A&E to get checked out.).not sure if linked but my left shoulder is stiff and achey and left arm weaker than usual..been like that the last 10 days..still getting stabbing/shape pains in left eye and hope that settles down am not one to compalin but this is really starting to get to x

Hi Scoobie,

I keep bl**dy getting this eye thing, but in my case it's only ever the same eye (the left).

Nobody thinks it has anything to do with MS.  I've been tested for every infection going - even STDs.  The swab from my eye came back with LESS bacteria than a "normal" person - deffo no infection.

The best they can come up with is that it's some kind of allergy, but who gets allergy in only one eye?  Surely, if I was allergic to something (What?) it would be in both eyes?

Sorry this is a whingey "me too", but just thought I'd tell you, as if you ever do get to the bottom of it, I'd really love to know.

Although MS can cause many eye problems, conjunctivitis-like symptoms, as far as I've been able to find out, are not among them. 

I've even had someone (a friend) suspect I was a victim of domestic violence, because my eye gets so red and swollen.  In reality, I don't even have a bf, so it definitely aint that!


Hey Tina..thnaks for your post..sorry to hear you have eye probs too..I would say this infection is worse in bad eye(left)..def not dry eyes as they are usually gritty in feel..yes sure will let you know what they this infection..its odd re them saying you have an allergy but only in one eye..have you been tetsed for specific allergies? You may want to con sider taking something called bee proplois..if you are not allergic to bee this is a very good anti bacterial/anti fungal, anti viral I have run out last few weeks..but last year didnt get any colds during winter or flu..( its good for all sorts of infections-chest, bladder,etc..) also bee pollen is a natural antihistamine which doesnt have the side affects of over the counter stuff and full of B vits so good for boosting energy too) you can get theese at holland and barrett..just a thought..


Your shoulder & arm being worse could be a consequence of the infection. Have you seen your GP? Sounds like antibiotics might be in order?

I hope it goes soon!

Karen x

Hi not seen my GP but will do next week I the eyes people are just dealing  with the eyes I dont like going to the gp much..partly becuase when you have an appointmenty you can expect to wait at least an hour from the time you are due to be seen..the waiying room is not wheelie all the seating is module stuff and I feel like a spare nowhere to park myself up !! lol will see what the eye people say re that..but good suggestion so thanks..hope you are well..;-)

Hi Scoobie,

When my eyes first started playing up, the pain was intense, at first my gp said it was conjunctavitis, after five weeks was sent to Moorfields eye hospital who dx Iritis, then dx me with Uvitis. With Iritis you get a discharge, the light hurts your eyes. I now have ON. It's a follow on. Get your eyes sorted but doc (gp) in my experience will always say it's an infection, conjunctavitis. I've even argued with an A/E doc' late one night when my eyes flared up that it was Iritis and not conj' so they called a specialist who confirmed that it was Iritis. I was given steroid drops and whoosh it cleared up.

Wish you luck.

Janet x

Hey Janet..thanks so much for your info and advice too..yep off to eye A&E they will know whats what am eyes are a bit sensitive to light and today I struggled when out and about in the sunshine..seems worse in left eye but def in eyes feel ike they are on fire..and when I am out in the cold my left eye is streaming but not my right..very say ON is a follow on from iritis..but I am supposed to have ON already since 22nd Jan when I first went to the eye A&E..and since confirmed at eye  neuro clinic.

I've had lots of eye problems over the years and quite poor vision. A weak arm can often happen with ON due to MS. Make sure you get it documented and if it doesn't ease up go back and see your doc.

Jacqui x

Hi jaqui...thanks for arm keeping a diary and will go see Gp next week if its no also going to get  copy of MRi scan report for gp as I would like to know what it says as waiting till I see eye neuros end march is a long way off!! At this point I dont know if the ON is of inflamatory origin or non inflamatory although the eye neuros were looking at inflamatory prior to MRi of barain.

Sorry to hear of your eye probs too..:-( empathise with you on that..what problems have you had if you dont mind me asking?


Em x

Hi Scoobie,

Do let us know how you get on, and don't let them fob you off!

Janet x

Hey Janet..yes will do..thanks for the support.x

Hey..just wanted to update you..just got back from the eye A&E had to really push to get seen as I am already under the main eye clinic..they said they would look at the eye problem but leave the other stuff to the eye neuros which is fair enough.

So it seems I have dry eyes..worse in left eye(the one with ON) quite surprised as I didnt think I had as they symptoms were not like the usual ones I get with dry eyes..last bout of that was Nov 2010 and only in the left eye that time.

So ahve a weeks worth of steroid drops and some others too. the eye person was sweet and said he didnt think it was realted to the neuro prob that I have and he didnt refer to the am unsure of what he means by this.. he asked if I had had the MRi yet and I said yes but obvously the rpeort isnt in my notes as he had them there infront of him! The sight test wasnt great this time and both eyes were worse on the tests.. Glad I got it sorted and have requested that the eye neuros see the notes from today as they did say to do this if I came back to the eye A&E for any reason.


Fingers crossed for you that the drops work.


my eyes deterioted very badly, my new glasses cost me an arm and a leg, Ive been told theres some sort of movement in them and need prisms whatever they are, I suffered photophobia last year for about 6 months, Ive still cant control my eyes they move and easily tire, now Ive got a shadow, just like my eye lids over the outer edge

Hi karen..thanks..they should work..fingers crossed..looking forward to no more stinging


Lally-gosh your eyes sound bad hun..I too have abnormal eye movements in both eyes now..very odd..which have came on about a week after the ON started. My arm is a littel better today but not resolved so may visit gp if it doesnt go away soon.



Hi Scoobie,

Pleased to hear that you have now got your eyes sorted. I also suffer with dry eyes and use Celluvisc every time I feel I need to. I get them on prescription. I know you can buy drops in boots chemist for dry eyes.

Hope it clears up very soon for you.

Janet x

Hi janet..yes I have the same drops too plus some steroids..luckily I dont get dry eyes very often..not pleasant eh..yes Itend to get the comfort drops from boots which I use when wearing my contact lenses..I was quite surprised this time that they were so dry and that my vision was pretty blurred left eye very swollen too on both lids and inside of lids aswell..very red..ouch lol..

Hi Scoobie,

Forgot to mention that at night I also use lacri-lube ointment, can't see much when it's in. When I get up in the morning I boil a kettle and pour a little water into a small bowl let it cool down and add a little bi-carb and gently with cotton buds clean my eye lashes. Top lashes brush up and bottom lashes down. It works a treat.

Janet x

Hi janet..thanks for that littel dog has dry eyes so we are having our drops at same at least then I wont forget!! lol Eyes a bit more confortable but wouldnt say they dryness has gone comepletely as yet..still its only a few days..but still  getting pain in left eye re ON and moving that eye is not great re pain eye just wants to be lazy which I guess is natural to avoid the pain!

my eyes can get so painful that when I put my fingers lightly on my eyelids I can feel my eyes moving by themselves