Eye advice - sorry to be a pest

I mentioned the other day about my vision not being so good on my left eye it is now really sore to touch, Them today my right eye had gone all bloodshot, I haven’t seen anyone but I have the doc on wed as she’s not in till then Apart from eye muscles not working I haven’t had much experience with ms eye stuff So any advice wouldn’t be gratefully received x

I would ring your local opticians tomorrow and speak to them, mine saw me straight away when I started with double vision. Of course see your gp as well who will probably refer you to an Ophthalmologist.

Noreen x

When my eye was sore to touch and bloodshot it was actually conjunctivitis. See your optician or GP X

Hi Em.

From my experiance this does not sound MS related.

More like conjunctivitis.

Maybe you have a local pharmacist you could see?

Hope you are feeling better soon!


When my ON flares up, it’s not textbook MS either. It feels sore to the touch and like I’ve been punched and it’s really swollen (it’s not, it just feels like it’s out by the side of my face somewhere!) It also waters a lot as well. I’ve not had double vision since my second ever relapse.

Please never aplogise for posting on here!

I suspect as someone who is relatively recently diagnosed you are still “finding your feet” (no pun intended).
It’s someting we all go through.
Any form of support and guidance is invaluable even on a computer screen!

Ask as many questions as you want to!
Iformation is power!

Take care!