Eye problem, cured with some drops phew!!

Hi everyone, I’ve been having problems with my sight for over a month, I wondered if it might be MS related as I’ve had blurred vision (more than normal) reading small print was becoming harder, over Christmas I found it really uncomfortable reading and I thought I had an infection so bought some eye wash.It seemed more likely that it was MS as it affected my right eye and I still have nerve pain in that eye from an old relapse.

Having had my eyes tested yesterday it turns out my eye was dry, can’t tell you how relieved I felt and how much better I am able to read with a couple of eye drops, apparently dry eyes can affect up to 40% of people, mainly women and often occurs in older people (of which I am).

Snap, not a drip of liquid left in my eyes, been putting in some serious prescribed night thick ointment and lighter day ointment for several months now.

I’ve had that issue as well, and I don’t class myself as old! I thought I was going mad and I was getting worried that my ON might be coming back when I went to the optician again (feels like they are a new best friend) and same thing dry eyes. My mum suffers terribly with them and has to put ointment in eyes before going to bed and drops every hour in hers. The ophthalmologist she was under put a plug in her eyes and that seems to have helped.

Thank you for your replies hebeyello and Chatterbox, yes such a relief, it sounds like mine is much milder than most.

The young woman who measured me up for new glasses did ask if I’m on strong meds. I said I take quite a few and yes they do dry my mouth and help with incontinence problems, so I suppose they could contribute to dry eyes.

Apparently anti histamines can contribute to dry eyes.

I’ve also had problems with my eyes, since diagnosed 2010 went into peri menopause at about the same time I have dry eyes I’m told due to hormones fluctuating I’ve been prescribed eye drops but they are so bad sometimes I want to scream I have been keeping a diary as it feels like I have them all the time but after reading back through it I realise it is really bad at certain times of the month I have a Coil fitted so no periods any more but when my cycle is normally due my body temperature rises and this makes my eyes worse usually for about two weeks together with all my ms symptoms like balance is off and fatigue is bad I also get some nerve pain every now and then.

does anyone else find this?

ive read about plugs being fitted maybe I’ll look into it ,

Ann x