Dry eyes

Sometimes when I first wake up and only for about 30 seconds I seem to have dry eyes, I can almost hear the lids scraping over my eyes a bit like the wipers on a dry car windscreen. I have been taking Amitriptyline for a couple of months and get a dry mouth, I was wondering if my (sometimes) dry eyes were also a result of taking this medication. Anyone else get this?

Have a good day everyone

Jan x

Hi Jan

I have the dry mouth with Ami, but I haven’t noticed anything with my eyes.

Sorry, not much help, hopefully someone will have an idea.

Pam x

Jan my gp prescribed Carbomer eye gel for me for this as my eyes kept drying up and then they’d start pouring and I made all the skin around my eyes raw with keeping rubbing them. It’s one of those things where the messages to the brain are getting confused apparently but the eye gel is really good and moisturizing when you need it stops the brain from over compensating afterwards. Take care

Cath x

Thanks for replying, it doesn’t happen every morning and doesn’t last long when it does, I’ll do as you suggest if it continues or get worse, at the moment it’s just an occasional thing so doesn’t warrant a GP visit. I wondered about Amitriptyline as it’s a recent thing along with the dry mouth could just be a coincidence.

Jan x

You can buy artificial tear eye drops over the counter if it’s occasional. I thought it was the Amitriptyline too but whether it’s caused by that or not, having the eye gel helps. I only went to the gp as I thought I might have an infection as my eyes became very sore but he said it was the ms. I don’t know either way but having a solution always helps. Take care.

Cath x

As if MS doesn’t bring us enough problems. I have an aquantance who suffers dry eyes constantly along with other “dry things” she said its Sjogrems syndrome, which Google tells me is an autoimmune condition. The list of autoimmune conditions is endless, are some of us prone to these?

Have a good day.

Jan x