Dry eyes

I’ve was diagnosed in 2005 with RRMS and suffer mainly with sensory issues, apart from my arthritis, which is rearing its ugly head in many parts of my body! But does anyone suffer with dry eyes? Is this MS related or just something else to add to my list of ailments? ha ha Thanks Sharon

hi sallum

I don’t know if dry eyes are caused by MS but mine were so bad that I went to the pharmacy across the road from me and asked if they could suggest something to help.

They immediately found some drops that worked a treat.

I can’t remember what they were called but I’m sure that if you ask a pharmacist you will get sorted.

Carole x

I have very dry eyes. Don’t think it’s MS - but it could be (virtually anything could be!)

I was told to try Hycosan by an optician. They’re like replacement tears. They cost about £10 from the opticians, but less from that online emporium that sells everything. A name just like a South American river!!


My eyes are so dry I couldn’t wear soft contacts. No one’s ever suggested it could be related to MS, but why not? I don’t use anything in them, but sometimes I make myself cry on purpose just to make them feel better.

the drops that i used were artificial tears.

woohoo I lost my words but now i’ve found them!

Hypomellose eye drops are artificial tears and only cost about £1.50, there are loads of different brands but the own brands are cheaper and just the same

mine were cheap too.

Pharmacists are the unsung heros!

My reason for mentioning was that I’d seen a post on a page where someone was asking this question and as I have MS and dry eyes I wondered if there was a link, so I did a quick google search and the first link resulted in a possible connection. Was just curious if others had heard about this possible connection. ‘Multiple sclerosis (MS). This demyelinating disease can lead to severe dry eye. In MS, poor corneal sensory impulse conduction can result in insufficient tear production, and lagophthalmos-associated DED can occur due to poor motor control.’ Thanks for your replies, Sharon


Presume you’re not on any medication as that causes my dry eyes.


I have dry eyes too, and also MGD / Blepharitis. They are two different things but often go together - you may identify with the eyelid irritation. Blepharitis is common in the over 50’s. Effectively the tears provide eye washing but it’s the oil ducts in the eyelids which provide the lubrication for the eye.

I use HycoSan Dual drops and also Blephaclean wipes and Blephasol solution. When the irritation gets too bad and there is evidence of infection, I use, sparingly, Chloramphenicol 1.0% w/w Antibiotic Eye Ointment.

I also have an Eye Mask which is soothing. It heats up to a temperature just above the melting point of the blocked oil in the eyelid ducts. Lie still for 10 mins and it does the trick!

Notably, I asked my MS Consultant who said that Blepharitis is categorically unconnected to MS! I put it down to sitting in a heated home more, getting out less and not doing any cardio-vascular exercise which works up some heat, sweat and circulation.

@goldrat I am, yes. I have an underactive thyroid so take thyroxine daily and havd also been taking Aubagio since 2015.
I do rub my eyes quite a but but my real 3rd world problem is i struggle to take my contact lenses out!
Because if this I rarely wear then unless my son, who is genius at taking them out is staying.

@GCCK a soothing eye mask sound just the job for me. Good call. Thank you