Dry eyes, it's MS!!

I’ve been suffering with dry eyes for a few years now and my right eye particularly becomes sore until I put eyedrops in it. Coincidentally my right eye was affected after an ms attack and I’ve always thought that this was linked. Then I read an article this morning, it said that dry eyes are common for people with ms, actually I’ve found the best eye drops so far for economy and symptom relief are Sainsbury’s own brand, yes I know I could get them free from NHS but I get so many meds foc.

Having MS does not exempt people from prescription charges. If your DMTs are prescribed from your consultant at a hospital they are not subject to charge.
If someone is on more than 2 regular prescriptions they can buy a season ticket which covers all prescription drugs.
Obviously some nations within the UK are exempt anyway and (at present) the over 60s. Also if you are on some benefits, not everyone with MS is.

Also people without MS suffer from dry eyes! Never possible to say many of the symptoms we have are directly attributable to the damage caused by MS. Some are attributable indirectly through our reduced activity and are common with other diseases that reduce activity.

I have suffered very dry eyes too. Pre diagnosis they just said they had no idea why my eyes were suddenly very dry and told me I would need eye drops for life. 3 months later it cleared up and I no longer require drops. Incidentally, I have 2 tiny lesions on my pons, which is responsible for tears (and regulating breathing and swallowing etc etc). I also had some breathing issues and swallowing issues around the same time which have gone now too. So in my case, yes, I feel my MS was directly responsible.