Watery/streaming eyes

Does anyone suffer from severe watering eyes?

i have had this problem for many years. When I’m walking outside the slightest change in temperature causes my eyes to stream uncontrollably.

Its embarrassing as people think I’m crying, I ruins my make up before I get to where I going for a night out and it’s making my skin dry on my face.

Any thought on this would be appreciated.


have you tried anti-histamine?

i have a permanent sniffle which is not a cold or hayfever.

​anti histamines are the only thing for it.

carole x

Have you seen your gp about this, to rule out blocked tear ducts?


I’ve tried anti histamine as I normally get hay fever but I don’t make any difference. It’s all year round every day.

When I had my optic neuritis checkup they checked my tear ducts and tried to open them up but it made no difference.

There is a very common surgical procedure that can be carried out for blocked tear ducts. Depends how bad it is and how much it is bothering you.


Had this for years as well.

I do not think it’s an MS thing, as I had it for years before diagnosis (although I also think I had MS for years before Dx, so there ya go!)

I don’t get it so much in Summer, so I think it’s a temperature thing. It does not need to be very windy - and my eyes are protected to some extent by glasses anyway.

My mum (who doesn’t have MS) has had it for years as well, so seems to be a family trait.

I also always have a scratchy throat and a sniffle, whether I have a cold or not. Virtually the first thing I have to do when I get up in the mornings is look for a tissue, because my nose starts running straight away. Also whenever I eat anything - and I do mean anything. Nobody’s allergic to everything, so if it were allergies, it should sometimes be OK, depending on what I’m eating. It never is.

I used to think that maybe it was temperature-related - like the tears - and was triggered by eating something hot. But it happens too if I eat just salad or a sandwich.

I just have to put up with it, as I don’t think it’s an actual illness - more a case of the way I am. Although I did notice it seemed better on holiday in Italy - my mum said the same (about her stuff, not mine).

So there seems to be something about the British climate that doesn’t help us snifflers and criers.

I shouldn’t think it’s pollution, as Naples must be incredibly polluted, yet apparently no problem there. I think the only way I’d fix it is to move permanently.



i seem to just stream after yawning, eyes and nose, and when i even think about yawning, it sets me off (and, of course, typing this has got me going). cold weather makes it happen as well. could this be down to hyperreflexia, i wonder?! i also have a couple of allergies than require the use of a steroid nasal spray, but that’s just to stop extreme congestion.

wendy x