Water from eyes?

Hi, I have on two separate occasions been woke up in the middle of the night by my eyes streaming water down my face. And I can’t stress enough how much water was pouring down my cheeks. Except that I wasn’t and had not been crying. It’s from both eyes and I hadn’t got anything in them either. It was just really strange. Anyone else experienced the same at all? Kind regards, Photini

Sounds like you could have an allergy have you changed anything like your washing powder etc, or wearing perfume different, usually watery eyes is down to allergy.

Hiya, Nope not changed anything. And it wasn’t just watery eyes, it was literally like a tap had been running down my cheeks. The two occasions were several weeks apart, and on the second occasion I had a pain through my left eye that felt like I had been stabbed through my eye and out through the back of my head. Most odd!

if you have an MS nurse discuss it with them i would especially if you have pain.

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