eye pain

hi all

i havent posted for months but look in now and again. hope you are all as well as can be hoped.

just wondered if anyone had any ideas about a problem ive been having for about 2 months.

when i start to cry, for any reason-sad,happy,sentimental,even the wind on a windy day i am getting a severe pain in the side of temple next to that eye? its short and very sharp and very reliable. do you think its ms related or more migraine?

cheers anyone


hi, i’m not aware of an ms related issue like this. could it be some kind of tear-duct blockage, perhaps?! i’d mention it to your gp if i were you. sorry i can’t be more help than to push it back to the top of the posts,

wendy x

thank you for your reply wendy.

because i havent posted for a long while, thought i wouldnt get an answer somehow?

i will visit gp

thanks again