Painful Eye


I have just posted this on the PP board. can anyone here help please?

I have been suffering from a very painful and watery right eye. I didn’t think that us PPMSers had eye trouble, though on dx I was told I had damage to the optic nerve on that side. Any ideas? Thanks, Steve

Hi Stevie,

I think it would be a good idea to get this checked out in case it is not related to ms.

It could be an infection or blocked tear duct or something simular.

See your GP or an optician asap.


Thanks Teresa, will do x

I agree with Treek to get this checked out by your option first, they will look right into your eye and see.

However I have suffered from eye pain for years on end and it was put down to my MS in the end. They gave me Gabipentin which helps with daily pain.

I hope this gets sorted soon x