Painful Eye


I have been suffering from a very painful and watery right eye. I didn’t think that us PPMSers had eye trouble, though on dx I was told I had damage to the optic nerve on that side. Any ideas? Thanks, Steve

Hi Stevie, some PPMSers do get eye trouble, just not as many get ON as with RRMS.

However never assume something is being caused by MS. It’s possible that you have an infection or something else going on.

Suggest you see GP or optician.

Here’s one way to see if it’s ON. Cover one eye and look at something bright red. Then the other. If through either eye it looks brown or dark red it could be ON.

Hope it clears up soon. Miserable for you.

Pat x

Don’t assume that everything that happens to you is down to MS. It is possible you may have an eye infection. Best to make an appt. with GP or go to eye casualty.

Many thanks, will get it checked.