Eye problems?

Hi I haven’t posted on here before just EL and ND but I have been dx with probable MS and probably PPMS too. A lot of RRMSers seem to suffer with ON and other eye related problems. Is that true of PPMSers too? I’m only asking as that is one symptom that I have not suffered from and just wondered if it was less likely in PPMS? Hope this isn’t a dumb question!

Thanks all


Hi Tree65 (my avatar would be perfect for your name!)... I have PPMS dx in 2008 and have never had ON. However, lots of people with PPMS do get ON, and like with RRMS it's often the first symptom. So, as with all MS, there is no rule. It's different for everyone.

I do have double-vision which varies by the day, but no sign that I have ever had ON (and fingers crossed that I don't). Some people with PPMS don't ever have eye problems, inc double-vision... others do. 

Not a dumb quesion at all. MS is so complicated I don't think anybody understands it fully!

Welcome to the PPMS board and feel free to ask any quesions at all. Remember, like with all types of MS, PPMS affects everyone differently. It's a case of getting to know your own MS. 

Take care,

Pat x

Thanks Pat for this info! I am just hoping my eyesight will stay ok. After all everything else has gone to pot!
Tree65 xx
P.S. I agree about your avatar!

Thanks very much Sarah. My Neuro is pretty sure that I have PPMS but is sending me to an MS specialist in another hospital to be sure. I must admit that I am sick of waiting around and being poked and prodded, however I will be glad to be under the care of someone who is a specialist in their field!

I am hoping that it won’t take too long to receive an appntmnt, but I won’t hold my breath!

Tree65 xx