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Hi Everyone. For the last few days I’ve had a really painful stabbing sensation in my left eye socket just above my eye. I initially thought it might be a sinus thing but I don’t feel congested. I just wanted to ask if any of you experience this and if so, how is it treated please? My vision doesn’t seem any worse than usual, blurring when I’m tired but it’s just the pain getting me down. I’d really appreciate any feedback, thanks.


Hi Cath, it might be optic neuritis (ON)… very common in RRMS, less so in PPMS but it does happen.

A GP or optician will be able to see if it is ON simply by shining a light in your eye and having a look. Suggest you see GP or pop into any optician.

There’s no treatment for it as far as I know, but it is a temporary condition.

You should definitely get it checked out though… I could be wrong (surprising but true!!!) & might be something that needs treatment.

Pat xx

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Hi Cath

I get pain above my one eye when I am tired, but I put that down to eye strain. I seen the eye Dr at the hospital early this year, and he didn’t seem alarmed, but best to get it checked, the optician can check for you.

Hope it settles for you.

Pam x

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Thanks to you both. I’ve actually just had a phone call from the gp who needs to see me this evening after my blood tests which were done at lunch time so I’ll ask him then. Don’t go to the surgery for ages, then twice in one day, marvellous! The joys of ms eh? I’ll let you know what he thinks it is so thanks for your replies. I was wondering about eye strain or early warning of migraine but maybe he’ll have an idea.

Cath xx


Dunno what it is but hope it gets sorted, I had double vision for a while and it scared me XXX Don

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Hope its eased a little Cath and you know what it is now…sorry for late reply …had a couple of really bad days.

take care of yourself, Nina x

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