Ms and eye problems

Hello, I’ve just joined this Because I’m hoping someone can help me. I have lesions on my brain and 1 lesion on my spine, I’m still also recovering from optical neuritis which I had in November last year. My neurologist has diagnosed me with clinically isolated syndrome, I have another mri on Monday and see my neurologist on Wednesday. The reason for another mri so soon is because over the last 8 weeks , I’ve noticed that when I look at digital things I.e the lights on a running machine or my red hazard warning light in my car, when I move my eyes away from them , there is a separation, and I can see 2 or more, and the images move with my eye movements!!! But when I focus on it, it’s normal, the eye doctor said it was palinopsia but I’m not sure?? It’s so so strange, the separation happens when I move eyes up and down or to the left, it’s like double or triple vision but only when I move my eyes away from it. It’s so hard To explain . Does anyone else get this or know what it is? I just want a diagnosis now so I have the answer to all of this. Also my eyes sting!! Terribly quite a lot and they tell me it’s dry eye they have been stinging for 6 months now on and off. And also the fatigue I experience is unbearable

Hello, I’m sorry to hear of your difficulties.

I was diagnosed with MS at 15 with very similar symptoms of double vision in different directions which progressed to permanent double vision. My mum had to push for the MRI as I was also unwell with fatigue and vertigo but it was hard to get listened to. I very quickly after that diagnosed with highly active RRMS and started treatment which did save my sight- it only happens now when I get very tired.

I hope that you get some kind of diagnosis soon and if it does turn out to MS, there’s lots of people and resources here to help you process from there.

Betty x


Hi, I have been having eye problems since July which has led to all sorts of tests and possible ms - but still waiting for a diagnosis.

I have permanent multiple images and blurriness in one eye (my right one) with pretty constant eye pain. Is your issue in one eye or only when both eyes are open?

Sorry I can’t offer you any words or wisdom/reassurance, but vision problems absolutely suck. I feel your pain!

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Hi Betty,

So I got diagnosed with RRMS on Wednesday just gone.

I’m fine with the diagnosis because now I have an answer for my symptoms and I’m going to be starting treatment but they told me it could be a couple of months before I start treatment.

Can I just ask you, did your eyes ever sting? Because mine seem to sting a lot and have done on and off for almost a year now, the eye hospital told me it’s proba because of the demyelination. But I wanted to ask you if you ever had this ?

When I close my eyes and rest them then the stinging stops, but when they are open and I’m focusing and doing things they sting , is it normal for MS to do this?

Hi norgeing24
My problem is with both eyes, my left eye is still recovering from optical neuritis which I had in November, but both of my eyes sting sometimes when they are open and they always feel very tired and uncomfortable, I also suffer from palinopsia where when I look at digital things and move my eyes I see More than one of the image. My eyes are always uncomfortable. Do you get this ?

I’m sorry to hear that.

Yes, this is a symptom I had, still do some days. I find it crops up more when my fatigue heightens (like most things) so I just try and manage that as much as I can. Most of my eye symptoms corrected themselves through MS treatment so I hope and pray it will be the same in your case!
Betty x