Duration of Optic Neuritis Pain

Hi All,

Hoping to get some feedback. I had optic neuritis around Marh/April, was treated with steroids and for the most part recovered. The color vision is not completely back to normal, which I know is normal…but I’m wondering if those who have had it still experience occasional pain upon movement of the eye? It’s not nearly as bad as it was when I actually had it, but still enough to make me cringe at having to for example, look at my shoulder or something that requires my eye to may that sort of sharp movement. I know everyone is different, but just wanted some insight. Also, I have no been diagnosed with MS, which is also why I’m concerned that I still feel pain. Thanks!

I definitely get an ache regularly in the affected eye especially when I am tired. Much improved from when I originally had ON. Hope that helps

I do, quite often actually, had it on and off for a year now as Bea said especially when tired, or if i’ve had to do lots of reading.

Kate x


I had optic neuritis about a decade ago now. The main symptom of going blurry then blind in my eye until it kind of rebooted itself took about two month for me but about a further year for the occassional sharp jab pain and light sensitivity to right itself.

I have had no other issues with it, since…touch wood…



Hi all,

I have MS but never really had a problem with my eyes till recently, I dont go blind but by 8pm every day I cant read or watch tv

without wanting to shut or press my hands over my eyes as they hurt and dont want to stay open. whether this is ms related I

dont know, I have been to opticians and they say my eyes are fine, has anyone else had similar problems?