Pain in my eyeball

Hi folks. Have never had optic neuritis so don’t know if this is the start of it. Yesterday I woke up feeling as if I had grit in my eye, lasted all day. Fine when I was sleeping. Today my eyeball is just painful but gritty feeling is gone. Appreciate any thoughts.


Hi Mary

I’ve had optic neuritis a few times. I’ve always had a painful eye with it, which is worse when I moved my eye. I’ve not had the gritty eye feeling with it, but everyone is different. Also for me the first thing I notice is that my vision goes blurry in the affected eye.

Maybe worth checking it out with your GP could always be unrelated to MS.

Hope this helps

Freckles x

Thanks Freckles for your reply. I will see how it goes tomorrow.



Hi Mary,

Before I was dx I had a really painful eye which I’m guessing was optic neuritis. It wasn’t blurry but felt like a knife stabbing my eye. It lasted about a week if I remember correctly(was 18 years ago) and I have never had it since-thank goodness. Hope you soon feel better.


Hi Mary,

I never had ON but sometimes I have days when eyes are painful and pain gets worse as I move my eyes. Sometimes vision goes blurry suddenly for a few a minutes then clears up.