Please not Optic Neuritis again....

Hi all,

I woke up yesterday morning feeling fine and within 1 hour my left eye felt weird a bit uncomfortable (not painful) and irratating (maybe feels like something is in there) in the corner of the eye and I can feel it more when i blink or move my eye.

This went on all day yesterday and today - i haven’t noticed any blurry symptoms. I have been using eye drops to see if that helps but still persisting…

I had ON before and remember the pain was located behind the eye whereas this is definitely in the corner near the nose and feels different (no pain)

Do you think this is another bout of optic neuritis or something else?


I had ON, and like you, the pain was behind the eye, and pain when looking left and right. Might be worth popping to the pharmacy, and see if they think it’s a spot of conjunctivitis? They now sell Cholormephenicol (sp?) drops over the counter if it is, and they would knock it on the head quite quickly - but best get the pharmacists opinion.

I was wondering if its a case of dry eyes and was hoping the drops would sort it out… ill give it a few more days and see what happens… if it is ON i guess its best to catch it quickly so the damage isnt as bad?

Don’t forget that ON can be different each time you get it. So if what you’re experiencing is ON, it may not manifest in exactly the same ways as last time. In the past I’ve had blurred vision a couple of times and double vision on separate occasions. Pain from ON can be different too. I should get it checked out, see if your GP is able to distinguish between ON and anything else.


Yeah Sssue i understand that - pain often is found around rear of eye with ON as the optic nerve is the thing that gets attacked - this is definitely in the corner… I am not experiencing any visual symptoms just the weird feeling in the corner of my eye - its not really pain just discomfort as if something is in it… (hard to describe) - i am super sensitive with my eyes as i have had ON and dont want my eyesight to be any worse than after my last attack :frowning:

I will monitor it over the weekend and hoping it doesn’t get any worse or clears up… if not will be phoning hospital for emergency appt…

Just in case it’s a scrap of dust or a stray eyelash, maybe try optrex? See if washing it out helps? It can’t hurt.

Hope it’s better over the weekend. Eyesight is too precious to risk.


I don’t think there’s any evidence prompt steroid treatment (or any steroid treatment) reduces the damage of MS - whether it’s ON, or any other kind of damage. With a bit of luck, it hastens recovery, but not much else.

So basically, intervention doesn’t change the long-term outcome, even if it is ON. A bigger danger, perhaps, is assuming an eye problem is due to MS, when it might not be. Speed of intervention might make more difference with other conditions than it does with MS.


I think you should consult with the doctor about this, and see that you inform your doctor about the eye drops you are using it for your eyes.

lt must be very distressing for you. l am on the Biotin for Progressive MS group - Biotin was found to be successful in combating ON - in the latest trial. Biotin is a B Vit - so water-soluble. This means a extremely high dose can be taken as you cannot over- dose. As with all B Vits - what your body does not absorb just gets ‘pee’d’ out.

l started off taking the over-the-counter Biotin pills. You need the ones without lots of fillers like Calcium/Magnesium - and they can be found. Then l joined the facebook group and found out where to source the pure pharma grade powder. There must be info on the web about MS - Biotin - ON.

We have little oil ducts in our eye lids. lf they get blocked - the oil becomes thick and causes blurred vision. A hot wet flannel held over the eyes - several times a day will help clear them. You can get a mask - with tiny beans in it - that you put in the microwave - then hold against the eyes. lts called MGD Rx eye bag [amazon]

I fully sympathise with you, Spluff.

I first had ON back in 1990 when I lost the sight in my right eye for about 5 weeks before it gradually returned to about 90% of its previous acuity and with reduced perception of colour. I have had three more bouts since then, but nowhere near as bad; each spate was about 10 years apart. I was offered and accepted steroids for the first bout but I would be very reluctant to take them again. The side effects are very unnerving especially the crawling skin sensation.

Coincidentally I am off work at the moment because of pain in my eye. Movement of the eye is painful and i am getting the odd stabbing pain but no change in vision thankfully. If it does not improve soon I will see the GP. I have glaucoma but the pressure was checked only a week or two ago. My job is computer based which does not help.

I have applied for early retirement on medical grounds and it can’t come soon enough!