Annoying eye symptom!

Hi, I have had a strange sensation in my right eye today - could anyone tell me if it sounds like an attack of optic nuritis? Here goes- tingly feeling like a small electric shock in the corner of my eye, feels like my eye is jumping about (my husband assures me that it is not visible to anyone else). My vision is slightly blurred for a time, each episode only lasts about 1minute but I have had about 20 of these episodes this afternoon. I had the same about five years go (pre dx) but this was always in my left eye. I am not especially tired or stressed (even though nearly christmas with 3 children) at the moment but yesterday when relations were visiting I struggled to keep track of conversations and often had to really think hard for words. (when commenting on my new orchid plant I caused great hillarity by saying it had “lots of lovely mirrors” instead of flowers. Sometimes you have just got to laugh havent you?) I digresses from my original question, sorry! Hope everyone has a great christmas x Alison

Hi Alison,

I’ve had ON a few times and I’ve always felt an ache in the eye, almost as if the eyeball is too big for the socket. Having said that, as I’m sure you’re aware, everyone’s different and this may well be ON for you too - I think you’re probably best to have a chat with your MS nurse or your GP.

The cognitive thing sounds familiar too - yesterday, I told my cousin that my brother and sister in law were very lucky when I meant lovely. I suppose they’re lucky too, after all, they have ME in their lives, haha!!

Have a lovely Christmas, and I hope you get to the bottom of the thing with your eyes

Luisa xx

Thanks Luisa, you’re so right that symptoms vary wildly! Today my eye actually hurts and the jumpy buzzy feeling is happening more often which is very annoying. Hope it calms down for tomorrow! Alison x