Eye problem don't know what it's is...... Any help out there

Hi everyone it only me again, your be happy to know that I’m walking today and only have a little bit of pain in the back, all tho I have a banging headache. Any way lets get to the point, for the last 3 weeks my left eye keeps twitching and my eye seems to be wobbly when it twitches, the twitching is everyday and on and off all day, I looked in the mirror when it was doing it, and I could see the fast flicking only at the corner, it looked like I had a droppy eye for a few secs, and then when back to normal, this is really doing my head in, can’t get any eye appointment for another 2 weeks. Has anyone ever had this before or have any info plz. Many thanks Lisa.

I’m a limbo bod so can’t help with the twitching - I’ve had something similar and it gets worse when tired but may not be connected to all my current neuro rubbish.

I posted really because I was so glad you’re feeling better. Your story horrified me. I used to work in medical imaging years ago and one of the few times I have fainted was watching a bungled LP in theatre - five attempts and two broken needles. I think you were really brave having it done as I know you were really nervous beforehand.

Ahh thankyou hunny, believe me when I say I will never do that again, I’m still very shocked up by the whole thing, I can’t believe it went so badly, as if I hadn’t been through enough already that they had to get that so wrong. But on a good note I feel like I’m getting back to myself now, I can hold my baby and not have no pain, just can’t do the stairs with him yet, as his a little chunky monkey lol. But thankyou for caring it nice to know people care so much. Luv lisa

Just wanted to say glad your feeling better Like you never again took 6 attempt for mine 5 with a young trainee and then finally on the 6 th with his superior Gray x

Yes I have had this. I saw a specialist eye doctor ( want to say orthodontist…but know that’s the wrong word lol) at hospital. All they could say was that the twitching was just another ms nerve related problem. The wobbly eye could be something called nystagmus. My eye used to (and still does sometimes) twitch but sometimes my vision would wobble/ flicker from side to side, which sounds a bit like your wobbly eye, although I am no specialist! It would last just for a few seconds to a minute a few times a day. However by time I saw someone it was starting to ease off. They did not offer and solutions to it, although I read somewhere gabapentin can help but as I was already on that it obviously didn’t help that problem for me. Hope this helps : ) Mish x

Hi mish Thankyou so much for you information It felt like I was going a bit mad on my own, I’m glad it not just me going through all theses bad ms symptom. I find I get it more when I’m abit stressed out. So Thankyou again. Lisa

Oh sorry mish I forgot to tell you I’m on gabapentin to and that don’t stop it.

[quote=“Gray”] Just wanted to say glad your feeling better Like you never again took 6 attempt for mine 5 with a young trainee and then finally on the 6 th with his superior Gray x [/quote] Thankyou for you message Gary, I felt like I was a piece of meat on there table, im glad I’m feeling myself again as I’ve got a little girls birthday in the morning, and didn’t want to be ill.

hiya…I am. it dx as yet but have developed eye probs since optic neuritis in 2012… oscillipsia was first…and wobbly vision …since then it seems I have the eyelid constantly in tremor…it’s quite subtle…but gets worse when I am focussing on things in the distance…my eye neuro recently explained it to me …now for me personally it may also affect the muscles in my face and neck ESP when I am being examined and I have to bring my chin forward on the rest at eye exam… the other thing that is happening is my eye lid looks droopy some of the time and also it’s not opening as wide as the other…so I empathise with the problems you are having… two weeks seems a long wait…and a worry but could be caused by weakness in the eyelid or muscles…baclophen is supposed to help and in some cases Botox injections have be helpful for some…for some reason. it. is worse during the day but when laying down it so a bit better…but it never goes…if I close my eyes and gently out my finger on the lid I can feel the tremor… I have.not found that resting eyes helps at all… really hope you get some answers Hun…do let us know the outcome of your appointment…if between then and now it gets worse or your vision is directly affected…then I would get down to your nearest eye A&E so they can check you over, :slight_smile: